Thursday, August 13, 2020

A little like Jasmine

 I’m a little like Jasmine 😁😁.My love for Make-up and desserts is famous.

A good make - up sale and I start melting like hot butter . 

I read the offers in the morning. Convince myself by afternoon, How I truly do not need it. Confidently saying to myself “ “No this time you are not going to indulge “.

Believe me , it does not last more than 6 hours .πŸ˜€

By evening I’m found in the store browsing through it 😁😁😁In ardent concentration.

By evening I’m sitting with my friends and discussing the usage of the bought make -up . How important it is ? So on and so forth .

The discussion carries on further with my partner- in - crime , my cousin. 

She cries out on the phone “ you made me indulge ! I was not going to get tempted this time . Promptly she too is at the store , checking out the deals . We sit seriously and debate about our shared indulgence “.

I justify it by saying “ It’s a little  indulgence and tiny pleasure “.

My favourite coined line .

The make-up sales and Dessert offers are two most irresistible offers in my life dictionary.

My love for Desserts precedes any other in the order . Its been a top most for years now 😁Of course followed by coffee ☕️.

It starts by “ I think I need it badly today . Then speak myself out of it “.

Mind you it’s a matter of few hours .

The next thing I know “ I’m actually sitting with one . The spoon half way through my mouth “.

“ How did I get here “?

Sometimes I wonder , If  I have Dessert Hallucinations “ where I’m just thinking about it  and end up at the ice- cream store or a Dessert shop”.

The two most important indulgences of my life 😁.

Don’t we all need it 😜

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