Monday, August 31, 2020


Taqdeer ko Samjhne mein

Kitne uzr Laya Aadmi

Talab huwi behisaab ki

Khawaishain be tahasha

Phir insaan ne paaya kya

Sirf  Uzr

Mohabbat uzr ke nazr

Shikwae uzr ke talabgar

Kismat uzr ki Inayeth 

Phir justujoo Kya 

Rah Gayee Tanha 

Pukari muskurate huwe

Uzr ki nazr Sab 

Siwae Gham ke 

Woh toh kabhi 

Uzr ka mohtaj nahi

Hamesha bin bulaya

Hee tashreef lata hai

Sunday, August 30, 2020

The Maybes of Life

 The maybes of  life are countless. Every phase and stage of life will have quite a few . Some maybes become realities , some just remain unfulfilled dreams .

The power lies in trying to achieve the “Best”. When you are unable to , then you strive to move ahead in life . We shouldn’t stagnate with the unfinished. Always aim for the next and strive to fulfill it .

Learn in every phase of life . The maybes teach you a lot . Some teach you how to do better . Some teach you to let go and look for the next achievement. 

Life never remains still . Life moves , so do we. Always aspire for the “ Best”.

Aahil ‘s Care

 Aleah became even more sick . She was delerious most of the time . It was Aahil’s continued effort which nursed her back to health. She finally had the energy to sit up after almost 4 days . The rest had all left . They were suppose to join them for the next leg of the journey . Aahil stayed back with Aleah . She was able to hobble a bit now but the doctor had still advised complete rest . 

Aleah was in a particularly snappy mood . Aahil asked her to keep having soups and 

juices to regain her strength. She snapped at him “ Why did you stay back? .You should have left “.

Aahil replied calmly “ Leaving you Alone ?. In a semi - conscious state .”.

Aleah replied “ Yes!. I have repeatedly told you , I can take care of myself. What part of it do you not understand “.

He replied back very calmly “ The part where you sprained your ankle , then had fever and lastly “ No one with you and no one to take care of you “.

Aleah snapped back “ you don’t have to appoint yourself as my guardian angel. Thank you very much . I don’t need anyone “.

Aahil let her be . He changed the topic and she mellowed down. They learnt to be cordial with each other . 

What do you think happens next ? Will Aahil be able to melt her finally? πŸ˜‰

Thursday, August 27, 2020


 The power of believing ! Yes! It’s truly powerful. Once you start believing , it starts happening.

Faith and belief are the two quintessentials of life . It gives us the support and strength to achieving more . The desire to excel .

Life will never be the same and cannot be . To brave different things you have to draw on your strength reserves . 

Strength usually has different faces . Each one’s strength endurance is displayed differently . Always be supportive and kind . 

But our beliefs give us the strength to endure and fight . 

The power of now . Do what you have to in the present moment . Love and live each moment to it’s best . 

My favourite line “ He never gives more than what you can endure or bear “.

Keep the faith ! Keep the strength !.

“Battles are fought and won to show us our true strength “ Shireen Haider 

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

A Glistening Morning

 It Glistened  and it Glowed 

Forging a pattern 

The wet skies further 

Lent a trail of white paint 

O’ Beautiful Morning 

Paint some more Hues

Make it more Astounding 

And Glorious!

The Rain came in swirls now 

Teasing the skies 

To draw a new pattern

The clouds smiled 

Changing their colours 

From Light  to Dark 

All in an Artistic Mood 

Paint New Hues !

Every Glistening Morning 

The Light house of Humanity

 Plunged into a void

Deep Darkening tides 

Standing on the shore 

Humanity found no one

To call for Help!

Then emerged a family 

From the deserts of Arabia 

Humanity came to them

Stopped them in their tracks 

They halted the caravan 

Humanity cried ! Help Me 

Hussain got off the horse 

Cry not Humanity !

Hussain will give his life for Humanity !

Hussain gave his family 

Sacrificed each of them 

Humanity was given a new lease of Life 

The lease got granted after the Battle of Karbala !

Hussain lay wounded 

Steeped in blood of his kin 

He had 1300 wounds 

Humanity breathed a new life 

O’ the beacon of hope 

O’ Hussain Ibne Ali 

Called out Humanity 

You are truly the lighthouse 

Lighting the path 

Strewing kindness 

In the path of Humanity !

Hail ! The Light House of Humanity !

I salute you thee

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Aleah’s Fall

 Their conference finished early . They all decided to head out for some sight seeing right after an early lunch . They quickly finished their lunch and headed out for their tour . 

Old walking Tour 

They toured the old town on foot . A very interesting experience. The experiences of yester years came alive . They stopped at an old cafe . Enjoyed their Delicacies . 

Art Museum 

They saw some beautiful Masterpieces in the iconic Art Museum. It was exquisite and beautiful. They were Awestruck by their beauty . 

Lake Zurich cruise

This was the most exciting. They were going to take a late evening cruise and have dinner too and then head back to the hotel. They were thoroughly enjoying themselves. There was a live band . Beautiful numbers were being belted out by the band . Some people were narrating interesting anecdotes. Aleah was totally enjoying herself. Sitting in the corner with the breeze playing with her hair . Thank God ! Aahil had not once made an attempt to speak to her . Good Riddance ! She thought to herself. No longer had she thought to herself, when Aahil came and sat next to her . 

She thought “ Speak of  the devil and the devil is here”.

Aahil said “ Hi Aleah ! 

She replied back “ Hi!

They spoke about few things . By then dinner was served . It was time to head back . Just as Aleah was getting off , she slipped on water . Instantly falling and twisting her ankle . She let out a painful cry . Instantly Aahil was by her side . He didn’t wait . He picked her up and headed straight for the hotel. On the way he asked the hotel to arrange for a doctor . Aleah was in a lot of pain . She was quickly taken to her room . Aahil gently placed her on the bed . The doctor checked her , bandaged her foot . He said thankfully there’s no fracture . She needed complete bed rest for a week atleast . 

Aahil saw the doctor to the door . He came in and told Aleah he was just going upto his room to change . He would come back and keep a watch on her . She told him clearly that she didn’t need any assistance. She could manage on her own . 

Aahil came back and rested in the living room. He kept coming and checking up on Aleah . The doctor had told him she could be running a temperature later on . Towards morning Aleah was shivering . Aahil checked her temperature, it was over 100. He gave her medication and waited till she slept again. 

Stay tuned for  more πŸ˜‰Do you think Aleah will finally melt ?

Ahle Baith’s Bud

 A dewy bud 

All of 6 months

Came along with 

All of them 

In the scorching heat 

To the land 

Called Karbala 

He weathered the scorching heat 

Not once did he complain

His thirst spoke for itself 

And he decided to fight his own case

With parched lips and tired eyes

He pleaded his case

Under the hot sun 

In the desert plains 

Of Nainawa

They listened to his case 

Thought for sometime 

And Instead of water 

Seared his neck with 

A three headed Iron arrow 

He did not complain

Did not whimper 

He thought to himself 

While he was taking his 

Last breath ! 

My father is already 

So saddened and tired 

He quietly with a smile 

Bid farewell to one and All

Monday, August 24, 2020

This does Matter !

 What really matters the most in life ?

This question repeatedly plagued me as I was growing up . In different stages of life of course different things matter. Priorities change. But one thing that remained constant was care ! . Yes care ! The quintessential of life.


Childhood was not easy . It’s never easy .Mine was laced with a personal monumental tragedy. This lead to a very vital shift within me. My maturity came too soon to me . I had no choice. At that age , I learnt lessons which I probably would have learnt much later . But what lent me support and stayed with me was the love , warmth and affection portrayed by different people.


It’s usually a troubled phase . The rebel in me surged ! I learnt to master my calm much later. Again here my friends became my top priority. I sailed through this on turbulent waters of life. Sometimes I harboured , sometimes I was in the eye of the storm battling it . Love , affection and care were my anchors !.

Life continues 

After skirting through different situations, circumstances, the affection of people was what stayed .

People think it’s materialistic things which bring happiness. You need your comforts too! Tell me , today , you have all your things , Isn’t it ? Probably we are shopping a bit too. Inspite of all this what are we craving for the most ?.

To be with your loved ones .

The socialising !

A relaxed coffee evening with your friends.

The unplanned social visits . 

If you notice it’s company . Man is a social animal ! This is what we need the most and matters the most .

Aleah and Aahil’s Zurich Musings

 Aleah loved Zurich . Her favourite place in the world . She was a passionate traveler . They quickly left the airport and were heading straight to “ The Dolder Grand “. True to it’s name it was very grand . It’s Spa was well known far and wide . Aleah was excited to get to the Spa as soon as possible. They had already booked hers . 

She checked in quickly and headed straight to the spa. She got the famous cold stone massage followed by a hot oil massage , steam , full body scrub . She came out happy, sparkly and squeaky clean. She headed to her room and dropped into a deep dreamless sleep . She woke up happy and cheerful. Just then her phone rang . She answered on the second ring . It was Zuhayr “ Hey ! Sleepy head where are you ?.

Aleah answered with a laugh “ I just woke up ! In my room “ .

Zuhayr informed her that they were going for a walk and then heading to an outdoor restaurant for food . Everyone was gathering by 8 in the lobby . Aleah hung up and quickly got up to get dressed . It was nearly 7 . 

She decided to dress casually in her favourite pair of black jeans , a fitted red top and a lacy black shrug to complete the outfit . She was in a touristy mood . She wore flats . She wanted to be comfortable while walking. 

She came down in time . They quickly exchanged pleasantries and headed out . Aleah sat with Zuhayr , enjoying the open roof , sports car drive . It felt so good to feel the wind in her hair and on her face . They drove past the lake . Stopping a little further . Walked a bit , took some lovely pics . It was a big group , of almost 40 people. They all decided to come during the day . They had a conference lined up in the morning. They would have to come in the afternoon. They drove to the open air restaurant. 

Aleah was just settling down in her seat . When Aahil promptly came and sat next to her . There was another lady sitting on her left. Aahil smiled at her . Aleah gave him a half hearted smile . 

Aahil questioned her” where were you all afternoon?.”

I didn’t see you at all.

Aleah told him “ At the Spa”.

Aahil was in the mood to irritate her “ You don’t waste any time , Do you “?.

Aleah was getting irritated. Just then the starters were served . After that Aleah ignored him. 

The desserts were mouth watering . They lingered on over coffee . Enjoying the place . It was quite late . They all decided to call it a night . 

Aleah was going to go back with Zuhayr . She went looking for him. Just then she found out , Zuhayr had already left . 

Aahil came towards her” I told Zuhayr to leave . I told him you will be going back with me”.

Aleah lost it “ How dare you decide for me ? Who gave you the right “?.

She reluctantly sat without speaking to him at all .

Aahil loved irritating her . Her eyes turned brilliant with that angry tint . Deep down he was smiling to himself. 

Aleah got off the car without stopping.

Aahil called out to her sweetly “ Good Night Sweetheart! Sleep tight”.

Aleah muttered something under her breath and headed straight to her room. 

Stay tuned Zurich Musings might turn volatile 😜

Saturday, August 22, 2020

The Rainbow

 “ How beautiful it looks !“ Exclaimed Myra .

Samar came next to her . Stood quietly by her side . Lending his quiet support to her through out . 

She turned towards him and smiled . She questioned him “ Why didn’t you leave like the rest “.?

“ I would have picked up the broken pieces of my life and put them back together myself “.

He leaned towards her and said “ I promised you , I wouldn’t be there only to watch the Rainbows with you”.

“ The storms are what , I want to brave with you “.

“ Hold you in my arms, when it’s fierce , stormy and wild “.

She had tears in her eyes “ Thank you”!

“ I still feel you should let me be “.

“ I’m strong ! I’ll manage like how I have done “.

He replied “ Then I wasn’t there ! But now I am and I have no intention of leaving you alone “.

They both came into each other’s arms . Entwined hearts and joined hands with their souls merging as one , they looked out at the beautiful rainbow in the horizon. 

The rainbow had brought them finally together 😊

Hardest Lessons

 The hardest and the most important lessons in life are usually learnt alone . Why then do we seek for company . It’s school of life . It teaches us numerous lessons,.through ,various circumstances and experiences. Those in turn make us more knowledgeable. I don’t mean the academic knowledge, the knowledge of living life.

The lessons I learnt from life:

Be kind 

Kindness costs nothing. You’ll must be thinking so cliche . But deep down think! Does it really cost anything. Your kindness will make a room in someone’s heart long after you have gone .


This is my favourite. No matter how life has been . Convert negative into positive. It’s very hard . Let bygones be bygones . See what you can do next and for whom.


Never depend on anyone in life . Always be self- reliant . The more independent you are the faster you’ll learn .

Flow with the tide 

Take each day as it comes. Don’t fight life . If certain things are destined for you , experience it. 

Value the ones who love you

Today in this world of masked identities, very few will love you selflessly . The ones who do keep them close . They are priceless beyond imagination. 

Just live life !! Don’t know when the final call will come . So enjoy till then 😊

Aleah’s Aahil’s Cold War

 They danced away into the night. Both with different partners. Totally and completely ignoring each other .

Aleah woke up unusually late the next morning. She quickly got dressed and went down for breakfast. As she entered, she saw Aahil and his lady friend in deep conversation. She completely ignored them and went for her breakfast.

She had fruit , toast and coffee. She was quickly drawing a mental check- list of what she had to do . They were leaving for Switzerland in few hours . 

Zuhayr called out to her “ Good Morning Aleah ! Mind if I join you “.

Aleah wished him “ Good Morning to you too . Please do”.

They both spoke for sometime.

Just then they were informed that they would have to leave for the airport in 2 hours .

Aleah excused herself and went up to her room to do her last minute packing. She had to pick few things on the way to the airport. She checked out a little earlier from the hotel.

She stopped in 2,3 places before finally heading out to the airport. She would miss Turkey. This place had grown on her . Specially her Sheesha session with her friend. The one from the cafe, she was a sweet person. Maybe she could come back with her family.

As she was walking into the Airport, Aahil greeted her “ Hi !

She replied back “ Hi!. Very matter of fact . 

Aahil “ What happened? Why this cold treatment “.

Aleah replied smiling succinctly “ You were busy “.

Aahil was in the mood to tease her a little further.

He replied back “ Yes that I was “.

Aleah ignored him.

Aahil continued “ Are you jealous ?”.

Aleah lost her cool “ In your dreams “ . She snapped at him.

Aleah deliberately pushed him with her pull man and turned back and asked him sweetly “ Did I hurt you by any chance ?”.

She didn’t wait for his reply . Kept walking on.

She had just strapped her seat belt , when Aahil walked past . 

He stopped by and replied “ yes ! You did hurt me .”

Aleah instantly replied “ No where close to how much you have done “.

Zuhayr came and sat next to her .

Aahil was sitting next to his lady friend. She was glued to him.

Switzerland here come Aahil and Aleah 😊


 A beautiful picturesque village set on the banks . I still remember my first Moharram . We had gone excitedly from Kuwait. 

I would like to relive my memories from the eyes of an eight year old . We had stayed in our  kothi( ancestral family house ) built lovingly by my grandfather , Syed Saeed Hasan . That was my first trip . I was thoroughly excited. There was a well in the small courtyard . All my cousins were there . I had a lot of company.

I explored my village on the first day itself. Out in the fields , free spirited , it was magnificent. My father was a bit apprehensive how we would adjust . But we loved it so much . He breathed a sigh of relief . We just became one . My brothers would venture out with my dad or uncles for family prayer meets.

I would enjoy with my cousins . Visiting house to house and being given immense love and warmth . Everything was so pure and unadulterated from love to food . Every morning fresh produce would come from our fields . The carrots and radish so sweet and had a flavour of their own . 

On the big nights we would be out whole night. Coming near Dawn , then again out in the afternoon. Our kothi would be alive . People coming to meet my dad . We would sit and reminisce over yester years . I would love listening to the stories .

My Dad

He was the undisputed favourite of them all. His humour and the pranks he had played on everyone as he was growing up. He would become sheepish sometimes . Sometimes he would break out into a loud Guffaw. How I had loved listening to it all. 

Unfortunately that was the last year I had visited with him. The following year he passed away . I still feel his whole heart and spirit is in kalanpur the first 10 days .

Some memories from my childhood which I cherish till today . 

Thursday, August 20, 2020


 Sukoon -e-Qalb Maine paya

Dar e Hussain pe

Jab Dil bohat roya

Toh sukoon mila

Ro kar Hussain par 

Aye Gardishe Doraan 

Mera Sukoon ka Makeen hai

Karbala ka Musafir 

Woh Jisne Mashiyat e Ellahi

Ko de Diya Apna Sab kuch

Uss Hussain ko Mashiyat Ne

Diya Apna Mukamil Jahan

Duniya Gham e Hussain

Mein Bhool jaati hai 

Apna Gham o Alam

Aye Musafir e Karbala 

Apne Mukamil insaaniyat 

Khareed lee

Aaj phir shireen chali 

Apne Maula se Hone 

Mukamil waabasta 

Note to oneself

 I always spoke to myself. Since the time I have initiated this practice in my daily routine , it has helped tremendously. 

Note to Myself:

1) Wake up with a Grateful heart.

2) Let go of your yesterday. I know easier said than done .

3) Have a smile as you wake - up . It definitely changes your demeanour .

4) Get some form of exercise in you morning routine .

5) Meditating for even 5 minutes helps greatly.

6) Mentally check- list your blessings.

7) Read an Inspirational  or Motivational Quote , short snippet. 

8) Allot some Me- time . You definitely need it.

9) Listen to music , if it helps you to focus better .

10) The key is to identify , what works for you.

11) My favourite line” Always believe that something wonderful is going to happen “.

12) The days you don’t feel your 100% , Respect those days too. 

13) We are humans with different moods . “ Everyday is not a Sunday”. 

14) Do whatever you do with your fullest being .

15) Leave your good vibes wherever you go .

16) Long after you leave the room, let your energy left behind continue Speaking. 

Stay blessed and stay safe lovelies 😊

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Aleah’s Answer

Aleah quickly pulled herself together. What was she thinking, she thought to herself. Is she insane?.

She got up and started walking away .

 .Leaving Aahil confused .

He called out to her “ What happened? And made to slowly get up “.

Aleah kept walking away . 

Aahil quickly caught up to her . Stopping Aleah .

Aleah whirled around and answered “ What do you think Aahil? . You are going to waltz back and expect to pick up from where you conveniently left at “.

Aleah continued angrily “ No Aahil! It doesn’t happen like that “.

Just then someone called out “Hi Handsome ! Where have you been hiding ?”..

Aahil sweared under his breath . He didn’t need this now . 

Aleah didn’t even bother to wait . She briskly walked inside the Convention hall.

Zuhayr and some of her friends were calling out to her . She went and joined them. Mulling over the sequence of events. 

Aahil and his lady friend walked in . She was a very attractive woman . She was almost leaning into Aahil and walking in . 

Zuhayr invited Aleah for a dance . They started dancing on a slow number . 

Aahil and his lady friend too joined . 

What do you think unfolds ? Stay tuned . More excitement to follow .


 Her tired spirit 

Found it in his words 

Her Frail heart 

Found it in the heartbeat of  his words 

Her restless soul

Found it in the rested sentences 

Uttered soulfully by his soul

Where thou then do you seek solace ?

You Gentling !

She laughed and said 

Now I find it in my words 

Between the crispiness of  


The fragrance of the bygone 

Now they found Solace in my utterance

Your Solace ohhh Shireen!

Shall be remembered long 

After you are gone

Your Solace Eternal 

In the confines of the parchment!

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

No heavy duty stuff

 Today the writer in me revolted . It made its stand and said “ Give me a break “ .

So then my heart got very happy. With  a smirk, it said to me “ Good ! Now write, what I tell you today. It’s my day !!! Yipeee it went .

So today it’s going to be some light hearted thoughts . 

I woke up fresh . Finished yoga . Suddenly started feeling sleepy and sluggish. Usually my morning hot mug of coffee comes to my rescue. Instantly re- charges me . Today that was also a failed attempt 😁.

I so wish it was a Sunday! It would go back to bed and lay cuddled with my blanket. Fall into a deep dreamless sleep again.

Wake up and go for a drive . Munching on my favourite snacks . The list is endless.

My heart was dictating today. My thoughts straight from the heart 😘.

Missing on my favourite hit breakfast. Longing for my book . 

Suddenly the doorbell rings . I hear the gong to start the day . A long day ahead . Sorry “ My Heart “ time to stop .

The Banquet Dinner

 Aleah was in a bad mood . Aahil had made her  very angry . She went for a massage to lighten her mood. She came back took a nap and woke up refreshed. She was excited to wear her outfit. It was designed by her favourite designer . It was a stunning shade of red, a warm blood red . She did her hair in tight spiral curls . Dark smokey eyes and a lovely shade of red , glistened her lips . Her straight ankle length gown was held by spaghetti straps and a short sequenced silverish gold added glitter to the outfit. Her feet were donned in cross cross scrappy heels . Long Swarovski hoops decorated her ears . All Set ! She made her way to the Banquet Dinner . It was held at another convention centre. The cab was waiting down for her . As she went to sit in the cab , Zuhayr was leaving too.

He called out to her “ Aleah you can ride with me “.

She heard Aahil’s voice from behind her “Zuhayr she’s coming with me. Thank you Buddy ! She’ll ride with me “.

Before Aleah could say something, Aahil had made her sit in the car .  Zuhayr drove with his friends.

Aleah turned angry glittering eyes at him” What are you doing? Who gave you the right to decide for me”.

Aahil gave her a slow smile “Sweetheart you look stunning tonight. Forget everything and let’s enjoy ourselves.” He leaned towards Aleah and planted a kiss on her cheek .

Aleah was getting madder by the second.

The Banquet dinner was an opulent affair . It was screaming of style . Aleah immediately got busy in socialising .She met many of her friends. Enjoying herself thoroughly. She danced with two , three of her friends. There was a feast laddened out . Aleah quietly sneaked towards the dessert table. She took her Dessert and strolled in the lawns . The weather was beautiful. She found the gazebo open . She went in and sat . In the dim shadows , thrown by the lanterns, there was a different kind of peace. She sat lost in her world . Just her  thoughts to keep her company. Suddenly she felt someone playing with her hair . She turned with a fright . It was Aahil . He said “ Relax! It’s me”.

He had that slow , lazy smile , the one she had loved the most . He sat down quietly next to her .

After a few minutes , he broke the silence. He said quietly “ Aleah stop fighting . Let’s get back together. I still love you . In all these years , I have never stopped loving you . Not even for a heartbeat!

Those simple quiet words broke the ice within her . She still kept the brave front on .

Suddenly Aahil pulled her towards him and kissed her like there was no tomorrow. They broke for air . She just leaned her head on his shoulder. Suddenly very tired . Aahil enveloped her in his arms .

What do you think Aleah decides ?

Just Exist !

 Doesn’t it sound boring ? Just exist ! Don’t you want to leave your identity , in everything you do . 

When I’m saying this , I don’t mean you go out and start doing big things . Sitting at home you can carve a niche for yourself. Discover the hidden “ You” . The “ You “ which never got a chance to emerge . Reason being it was buried under the layers of Responsibilities and duties ! Sounds familiar . Yes ! Definitely.

Everyone goes through these phases . But , don’t let it stop you from discovering what makes your heart really beat . I don’t mean the clinically beating. The calling of what excites your being and soul . It’s never late in life to do what you truly want to do . Don’t let the number game get you . The age number game . I remember this line , which was our favourite in college πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰Used in the blockbuster Ddlj .

“ Jaa Simran jee le apni zindagi “.

On a lighter note 😁😁Start living ! Truly living and stop existing 😁

Enchante cafe and confectionery

This Dessert is called the Enchante Special .
It was a rich , goeey crunchy Gourmet Dessert straight from the chefs special culinary delight. It was served with vanilla ice- cream and chocolate sauce . The pizzas and French fries were also very special . A quaint coffee shop tucked inside . With ample outdoor sitting . Very easy to maintain social distancing too. Perfect at this time . Loved the Ambience . So quiet and restful. This coffee shop is definitely a “ Must Visit” . Please do try it . A special thanks to “ Mr.Vinod” he was very prompt and Polite . He always had a ready smile . It’s truly a beautiful place to spend a wonderful afternoon with friends. Their Pizzas should not be missed either . Please do visit 😊

Monday, August 17, 2020

Aahil and Aleah ‘s Argument

 Next morning Aleah woke up early . She went for her early morning yoga class . On the way back she met Zuhayr . They both had breakfast together. Zuhayr invited her for some local sight seeing tour . Aleah readily agreed . She got dressed quickly and left .

Aahil was busy till noon with his meetings. Tonight they were having a Banquet dinner for 300 guests . He was overseeing the arrangements. In 2 days , they were leaving for Switzerland for the next part of the journey.He was wondering, since morning he hadn’t seen Aleah . Was she unwell? . This new thought worried him. He called up the room, there was no answer. As usual her mobile kept ringing.

Aahil grew exasperated and muttered “I don’t understand! Why does this woman keeps phone ?When she has no intention of answering.

Aahil tried asking one or two people, if they had seen her . No one had an idea . Suddenly he thought of Zuhayr . He might know. Just then Zuhayr’s friend came in asking for him. The receptionist informed him that he was going to be out till evening. Aahil immediately called Zuhayr .

Zuhayr answered after a few rings . Aahil asked him” Zuhayr is Aleah with you ?”.

Zuhayr told him that she was with him.

Aahil was furious. He was thundering. He politely hung up. He couldn’t concentrate on his work. Pacing the lobby restlessly. Finally around 5 they walked in. Aleah looked fresh and happy. That made Aahil even more angry . Zuhayr had to meet someone, so he immediately went the other way . Aleah was slowly walking towards the elevator. Aahil came and took hold of her arm forcefully . Made her walk towards the entrance. He called for his car . Made Aleah sit in it . Aleah was too shocked to gather what was happening. 

As Aahil started driving, Aleah asked him to turn the car around. She told him “ I have to get ready . I have been out since morning. I’m tired “.

Aahil ignored her . He drove her to a quiet place and stopped the car . He turned towards her and said “ What is all this ? What are you doing?”.

Aleah looked at him confused “ Doing what “ she asked .

Aahil questioned her “ Why did you go out with Zuhayr?”.

Aleah lost it now “ Why shouldn’t I ?”. She retorted back at him.

They argued bitterly . Both not giving in. Aahil drove her back to the hotel. Aleah stormed out of the car. She banged the car door hard . She was trembling with rage .

“ what does he think of himself ?”. She was muttering to herself as she rode the elevator.

Stay tuned for the Banquet dinner . More drama to unfold πŸ˜‰


 Kya kahun teri kashish ke

Kashish Aisi! Ki Aisi 

Kissi ne , kabhi payee nahi

Tu Sab se juda 

Ek mukamil mujusama

Kaunsi teri kashish Bayaan Karoo 

Main thahera ek Adna sa

Teri kashish ki baiyaani 

Karte , Ek shayar ki zubaani 

Karar Diya Gaya 

Hai! Maine Jahan Waloan 

Se muqatib ho kar Arz kiya

“ Faqt aap ki , Kashish , Mehsoos kiya 

Toh shahyar karar ho Gaya “

Jab woh puri Meri Rooh mein 

Bass jaye gi , toh phir 

Kya karar Degi

Yeh Duniya 

Aap ki kashish ne

Mujhe Kya se Kya bana dala

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Keep Going!

 Someday’s it’s harder than the rest . Someday’s Just follow into an easy pattern . Whatever the reason might be , keep going.

There could be so many people out there , who you might be inspiring by your motivated spirit.  

Every morning my thoughts start on a different note . What keeps me going is to try and be there for someone. Even if my writing is motivating or touching one soul , it’s enough for me . If my thoughts can wrap someone in a kind hug πŸ€— or lend support ,It’s enough to keep me aspired, to write more . 

I still remember, a snippet ,I had read when I was in college , I still carry it with me today . It resounds in my quiet moments . 

Today’s random thoughts straight from the writers heart 😊.

Good Morning Beautiful souls !!! Stay blessed and Stay safe 😊.

Aahil’s Jealousy

 Aahil overheard Zuhayr’s comment .

His whole demeanour underwent a change . He was filled with insane jealousy.

He quietly came and stood next to Zuhayr . He gave a stiff smile to Zuhayr. Zuhayr was sounding very happy .

Aleah was looking totally relaxed in his company, which was driving Aahil further mad with jealousy.

He quickly took Zuhayr on the pretext of introducing him to someone. Aleah was enjoying the cheese mushroom tarts and the music . She was lightly swaying to it’s beat .

Aahil came and firmly took hold of her wrist. Then took her towards the floor . He held her in his arms and forced Aleah to join in the beat.

Aahil was holding himself with a very thin thread of patience.

Aleah looked upto him. She was almost 5’ 8. Drawn to her full height, she had to still look upto Aahil. She questioned him “ what happened?.”

Aahil answered stiffly “ Nothing “.

After a momentary silence he answered “ what was Zuhayr telling you? “.

Aleah answered “ He was asking me if I’m single “ . She answered with a mischievous twinkle .

Aahil said “ And you said , you are single “.

Aleah smiled brightly and said yes! Of course , I am “.

Aahil muttered “ Not anymore “.

Aleah turned and was about to question him, When Zuhayr came . 

He wanted to dance with her again . He came and re-claimed her back .

Aahil stiffly walked away . He was watching them begrudgingly.

Aleah and Zuhayr were busy sharing anecdotes. They were both laughing and enjoying themselves to the hilt .

Aahil was raging .

Aleah excused herself. She was famished . She went in search of food .

The Buffet table was laden with food .Aahil came next to her and said “ Looks like you are enjoying yourself a lot “.

She answered at once “ Yes!”.

Aahil waited for her to finish eating .

It was quite late . Aleah was heading back to her room . Aahil came to escort her . At the door , Aleah turned to bid good night. When Aahil suddenly took her in his arms and kissed her passionately. Aleah went momentarily stunned . She pulled herself back together and almost ran into her room . She shut the door and sat in the dark for a long time . What jolted her was that she enjoyed the kiss and she was still in love with Aahil . 

She wowed to do something about it . She decided what she was going to do . 

What do you think Aleah does ?πŸ˜‰

Guzarte pal

 Paloan ko Sajaya 

Kuch saje 

Kuch bikraye

Samet te samet te

Ek Arsa beeth gaya!

Ek shaam yaadoan ke naam 

Kiya, toh nazr mein

Choobne Lage Guzrae pal

kuch muskurahatein layee 

Kuch Aankhoan mein

Yaadoan ki nami 

Yaadoan ke iss Safar 

Mein doobara jaane ko 

Dil ki ek guzarish aayee

Shireen ne  muskurate Dil 

Se ek Guzarish ki

Kuch Aur palaen jee lein 

Guzrae huwe pal abhi

Poore Mukamil nahi !

Lessons learnt in the Pandemic

 It came sweeping tearing us from Normalcy. Throwing us in the tsunami of uncertainty. He introduced Himself as the “ Pandemic “.

When I regained my footing . Instead of defying and fighting . We both started understanding each other . I started learning a lot of important lessons :

1) Do not take life for granted.

2) Every moment is precious .

3) Every memorable moment spent with loved ones is priceless.

4) Always be prepared for the best laid plans to go haywire.

5) Have faith it’s going to get better soon.

6) do not postpone anything for tomorrow.

7) Today is what we have and it all that is promised and true.

8) Don’t wait for things to happen. It’s it’s not happening, then try making it happen.

9) The ones who love you selflessly are the best . They will always be there for you .

10) Always be there for people. Your silent support could mean a lot to someone.

11) Life is a journey. Anything is possible. 

12) Live your best in each moment . 

Live in the present! Live in the moment .

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Trip to the mountains

 Aleah and Aahil left early for the mountains . They carried a picnic basket packed by the hotel . The drive was beautifully scenic . It kept getting more interesting as they kept driving up. Finally they reached the spot . They had the view of sweeping mountains.

They found a quiet spot and sat under a tree . The grass felt velvety soft under their feet. Aleah felt very relaxed and peaceful. Aahil kept watching her . She turned and questioned him “ what? 

Aahil smiled and answered “ feels like old times again “.

Aleah smiled “ Forget everything Today. I want to enjoy today fully “.

They spoke at length . Walked a bit . Took lovely pics of the mountain facades . They were total touristy today . Aleah was carefree and free spirited . Aahil was wondering , if it would be a good time to bring up the topic . He badly wanted to reconcile . But decided against doing it . He wanted Aleah to just enjoy the day .

On the way back, they stopped at that old filigree jewellery store. Aleah selected a dainty set and ring. When she went to pay . The manager smiled and said “ your husband has already paid for it “.

Aleah turned to correct him. When Aahil quickly stepped in and said “ Let’s go Aleah . We’ll get late “.

Aleah sat in the car . Not wanting to argue . She turned towards Aahil and said “ why did you pay for it “.

Aahil answered “ I just felt like buying it for you “.

Aleah replied “ Thank you . But you didn’t have to do it”.

Aahil quickly changed the topic . They got back to the hotel .

Aleah thanked Aahil and went to get ready for a cocktail dinner . Tonight was a very formal dinner . More people had come in . Tomorrow night was going to be the grand finale .

Aleah has selected a greyish silver formal coloured one piece dress . She left her damp hair in rollers . Wanting to do her hair in wind blown gypsy curls . Her dress looked awesome. She wore silver and uncut diamonds ear - rings . Smokey eyed and dazzling , she made her way down . 

The minute she entered . She was swamped with introductions . For the next hour , she was just socialising. Then they were summoned for a sit - down dinner . As the first course was being served . They were entertained by a stand - up comedian . One by one things were lined up . They were being entertained and simultaneously being served . They broke for coffee . 

Aleah took a walk near the pool . Aahil followed her and so did zuhayr . Suddenly zuhayr said “ Aleah you are still single ?.

Aleah laughed and answered “ yes !

Zuhayr said “ So am I

Friday, August 14, 2020

Independence Day

 It’s truly a milestone . 74 th Independence celebration . We have come a long way . India a cultural cauldron . Diverse regional cultures , traditions and languages all having one label” Indian”.

We proudly display our signature style , of just being an Indian . India a country rich in culture , Heritage and tradition. We have fought valiantly and wrested our freedom back.

I would like to remember all our brave hearts , freedom fighters , who fought for our freedom. The sacrifice of countless freedom fighters , who toiled for a free , independent India . It’s our legacy and we have to protect it . 

Proud to always be an Indian . Let’s preserve it and keep it safe . It’s priceless.

Khawaboan ki Tabeer

 Har ne aa kar Dee 

Apne hisaab ki Tabeer

Khawab the mere

Tabeer un saboan ne Dee 

Mere khwaab mujh se

Shikwae kar baithe

Hum sirf tumhare nighaon

Ke darmiyan the

Kyun tumne humein

Sar-e-Aam kar Diya 

Woh Kya jaane Tabeer

Jisne tumhe hi na jaana 

Toh phir tumhare khawab

Woh Kya jaane!

Tabeer toh humne sirf

Tumhe Inayeth  ki hai

Tabeer-e- khwaab shireen 

Sirf tumhari Milkeeyat hai

Usse apne Diloan ke pannoan 

Aur Rooh ki Gehraeeyoan mein

Wasbasta Rehna do!

The need for validation

 As Humans we are constantly striving to do better . We all at times look for that validation . The most important validation in all this is our “ own “ . Are you happy with yourself? Have you reached that goal ?

Set Goals 

Goals help us to chalk our path.

Assign short and long goals .

Work towards it consistently.

Do not give up

In the journey, there will always be ups and downs . Failures and success . Happiness and sorrow. It’s all a part and parcel of life .

Take time mourn your loss . Cry it out , it’s healthy. Unlike what we are conditioned to believe. Get back up again . Doubly re- charged . Aim for the highest goal.

Stay humble 

Remember the most important is to be humble . If you are blessed, share it with others . Don’t let concietment make room within you . Shun pride ! Quietly work towards your achievements.

Stay happy 

This is what is important. Is it making you happy? If it’s making you happy , you are on the right path. Do not compromise on your happiness . Never! This helps you to stay alive.

Outside validation 

Do not look for that . The world is made up of different types of people. Some will like what you do . Some may like your spirit . Some may like you . There can also be people who might not like anything about you . It’s okay . They are entitled to their likes and dislikes . You are entitled to yours .


Always be thankful, if you have been blessed. A simple thank you goes a long way . 


Never forget your million - dollar smile . It will pave the way even in Rocky terrains . 

Just be you

You are unique. There is no other like you . You are truly special . And stay that way 😊


 O’ Beautiful ones ! I see such vivid ones . 

Almost real ! Hoping you’ll will become real.

My heart yearns for you’ll

In the light of dawn 

Hoping at Dusk ! You’ll will come again

A new glimmer of hope 

That yes! They could take me 

With them to hidden depths .

The depths of me 

Which I know not .

From the little girl 

To the me that I am

So many woven in the 

Gentle lap of sleep !

O’ Dreams come now 

From the beyond !

Make me believe! 

In the power of my Dreams .

Aleah’s stubborn spirit

 They got busy with work during the day and with dinner’s during the evening ‘s .

Aleah excused herself on the third day and went for sight seeing . She enjoyed herself. Went to check out some Antiques too. Istanbul was just too beautiful. She was lost in enjoying herself. Suddenly her phone rang . Not again ! 

It was Aahil . She deliberately ignored the phone call . Kept on shopping . She stopped at a quaint little coffee shop . Tucked inside the street. Done up very cutely in Turkish style . They had excellent “ khawa and kunafa “ .

The girl behind the counter was very friendly. She urged Aleah to try one more Pastry . The speciality of the day . She lost track of time and kept chatting with her . She very sweetly offered to take her to a Turkish costume jewellery store . Renowned in the area for its unusual designs . Once her mother was back . She took Aleah to that store . Aleah found cute traditional necklaces , bracelets and rings . She was crazy about rings . She enjoyed herself. It was almost 6.30 in the evening. She had to head back to the hotel . She had to get dressed for dinner . She called her cab driver . He was waiting at the end of the street . They reached the hotel by 7 . The dinner was scheduled for 9. They were expecting a group of out station officials . She thanked the cab driver and was walking towards the elevators. 

She saw Aahil coming towards her . Looking upset and angry . He stopped in front of her . He took off on her “ Are you crazy ? Insane !

Aleah lost it too . Her good mood vanishing “ Excuse me . What are you saying?

Aahil answered tightly “ I have been calling you since afternoon. Have left atleast 50 text messages . You don’t even bother to check your phone . Why do you carry it then ?”.

Aleah was angry too “ what did you want ? 

“ what was so urgent ? That it couldn’t wait till evening “. 

He answered “ I was getting worried about you . I was going to leave the hotel to check on you. I was getting the cab driver ‘s Number. Just then you walked in “.

Aleah was seething “ How many times do I have to remind you ? I’m am not your responsibility. Leave me alone . Stop baby sitting me”.

Saying this , she went into the elevator and headed straight for her room . She was mad at him. This man was the most annoying on earth. Why couldn’t he leave her alone. 

Aleah did not waste any more time and headed for a long soak in the tub . Washing away the day’s dust and grime . She quickly got ready . It was almost nine when she had finished dressing. She wore a straight A-line cut white one piece dress . She wore a dainty filigree thin necklace of rubies , gold and diamonds. She wore matching bracelet and a delicate ring . She left her hair in a messy bun . She wore thin long ear- rings . She had done her eyes in smokey green and wore a warm red lipstick. She was not going to let Aahil affect her . 

She went down . Not realising , she looked breathtakingly beautiful. People just kept turning and looking at her . She was introduced to the officials, who had just come in by the evening flight . She spoke to them for sometime. She was circulating and meeting everyone. 

She was suddenly very thirsty . She went in search of drinks . She wanted to have a good mocktail. Suddenly she heard someone calling her . She turned her face  broke out in a wide smile . It was zohyer , her childhood friend. They both hugged each other . They both tried speaking at the same time . Zohyer became quiet . 

Aleah asked him “ what are you doing here ?.

He said “ I would like to ask you the same “.

They both explained. He was representing his father’s company . They got talking. Just then Aahil came . Zohyer was happy to see him too . They had gone to college together. They got talking. Aleah was still upset with Aahil . She was ignoring him . Just then Zohyer was called . He excused himself and went to meet someone.

Aahil broke the silence “ You look specially beautiful tonight “.

Aleah manners never left her . Even when she was angry, she was still the epitome of politeness “ Thank you “.

She inturn told him “ you look good too”.

He laughed “ Thank you ! That’s big coming from you “.

Aleah burst out laughing . Lightening the mood . 

Aahil asked her “Can I ask you for a favour “?

Aleah replied “ Sure ! Shoot “.

Aahil said” There’s a beautiful place in the mountains . It’s the most scenic and picturesque in the whole of Turkey . Will you come with me . I’ll take care of the arrangements.. There’s a beautiful filigree Antique Gold Shop too. Don’t say no . Please”.

Aleah didn’t have the heart to say no . She agreed with a smile .

Do you think Aleah is thawing . Do you think Aahil will be able to melt her . Stay tuned for more excitement in the coming sequelsπŸ˜‰

Thursday, August 13, 2020

A little like Jasmine

 I’m a little like Jasmine 😁😁.My love for Make-up and desserts is famous.

A good make - up sale and I start melting like hot butter . 

I read the offers in the morning. Convince myself by afternoon, How I truly do not need it. Confidently saying to myself “ “No this time you are not going to indulge “.

Believe me , it does not last more than 6 hours .πŸ˜€

By evening I’m found in the store browsing through it 😁😁😁In ardent concentration.

By evening I’m sitting with my friends and discussing the usage of the bought make -up . How important it is ? So on and so forth .

The discussion carries on further with my partner- in - crime , my cousin. 

She cries out on the phone “ you made me indulge ! I was not going to get tempted this time . Promptly she too is at the store , checking out the deals . We sit seriously and debate about our shared indulgence “.

I justify it by saying “ It’s a little  indulgence and tiny pleasure “.

My favourite coined line .

The make-up sales and Dessert offers are two most irresistible offers in my life dictionary.

My love for Desserts precedes any other in the order . Its been a top most for years now 😁Of course followed by coffee ☕️.

It starts by “ I think I need it badly today . Then speak myself out of it “.

Mind you it’s a matter of few hours .

The next thing I know “ I’m actually sitting with one . The spoon half way through my mouth “.

“ How did I get here “?

Sometimes I wonder , If  I have Dessert Hallucinations “ where I’m just thinking about it  and end up at the ice- cream store or a Dessert shop”.

The two most important indulgences of my life 😁.

Don’t we all need it 😜

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Aahil’s Love

 Aleah ignored him throughout the flight . Aahil let her be . Just before landing, he woke her up . She was groggy but quickly put herself together again. They landed in Turkey . They drove straight to Ramada Istanbul Asia Hotel . They quickly checked in . Aahil called out to Aleah “ Let me know if you need anything. I’ll be around “.

Aleah the epitome of politeness “ Thank you 😊.

Though she was seething with hidden rage.

She rested . Got dressed . Had a light brunch . The meeting was going to take long . She wanted to be her Best Active self .

She smiled and left for the Banquet hall. 

Aahil was waiting for her at the entrance. She gave an inward groan . Why couldn’t he just disappear from the face of earth . 

He greeted her with a smile and a truly heartfelt compliment “ You look beautiful as ever “.

She said “ Thank you “ and walked in . 

For once she didn’t want her perfect convent education to come to the forefront. Why couldn’t she be impolite and rude. 

The next few hours flew in presentations. By 

the end of it Aleah was totally drained . She was envisaging , the tub filled with warm water . She was suddenly bone weary . 

As they were dispersing. She also quickly left for her room . Took a long soak in the tub . After that she just fell into a deep dreamless sleep . Suddenly she was rudely awakened by the loud knock on her door . 

Aahil was calling out to her” Aleah are you alright ? open the door .

She quickly jumped from the bed and opened the door . 

Aahil held his breath . She looked so alluring all sleep kissed .

She answered “ what happened? Where’s the fire ?

Aahil Answered “ I have been calling you . You were not answering your phone . I have been knocking since the last 15 minutes . So I got worried.

Aleah turned angrily at him “ why ? Why do you have to get worried. I can take care of myself. Like I have done for the last 10 years. I don’t need you to baby sit me now “.

Aahil he ignored the comment . Instead reminded her to get ready for dinner .

Aleah nodded and closed the door . 

She got ready in record time . But still managed to look her best . She wore a peachy pink flown dress . Skimming her ankles . Silverish golden kitten heels dressed her feet . She just wore elegant pear drops and a thin dainty looking bracelet. She was ready . She wore her favourite perfume, Jadore.

She took her clutch and locked the door . 

Aahil met her near the elevator. He whistled softly . 

Aleah turned and looked at him angrily . 

Aahil answered “ Now what did I do “?

He sighed “ Women can never be understood “ 

Stay tuned for more .

OMG!!! I need make -up!

 OMG! The sale was to die for seriously wailed Jasmine.

Her friends gave her their all knowing smile . They all cried out to her in unison “ Last week didn’t you buy ?

She answered sheepishly “ That was something else “.

She cried out to them” we have to go . We can’t be missing it. It’s the best sale.”

They all met at the make - up store . 

“ Forced Indulgence “

They all loved to call it . Not that each one of them didn’t want to secretly buy more.

They went crazy at the store . Buying to their hearts fill.

Jasmine came to them excitedly and asked “ How’s the sale?

“ Jasmine! It’s awesome “

They shopped and shopped.

Breaking for coffee at their favourite coffee shop .

One by one they all began to say . “ Honestly . I don’t think I need all this “.

The regret started . But mind you it was short lived and purely half - hearted.

But the others justified it saying “ That’ Okay . You don’t have that exact shade . You had to get this one “.

They were happy in their world of Make - up shopping, coffee and catching an early show at the theatre.

They needed this time together. To re- charge and unwind .

Doesn’t Jasmine sound familiar ?.

Don’t we all suddenly realise, during make-up sales?.

Somehow then we absolutely have no make -up, Isn’t it?.

We need that new shade of lipstick. The eye- liner on the sale rack , is just the shade I need”

Countless excuses 😁😁

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

The bitter confrontation

 Aleah reeled back in shock .

How was it possible? She turned in bewilderment and questioned “ How?

Aahil went on to narrate . My parents were very happy with our match . “ Truly Aleah . I’m not lying . They genuinely liked you . They were as eager as me .  Destiny played a cruel hand . 

My dad’s friend Mr Afsar , who you met . She nodded . He continued . His wife was battlin with cancer . Their only daughter “ Zarin. Was still unmarried . 3 weeks before our wedding, Zarin’s mother passed away . She made my parents promise her that if she died , they would take zarin as their daughter in law . My parents were helpless . They wanted to explain to her once she got a little better. Next morning she passed away . 

I still told them , I wouldn’t do it . But their constant pressure made me succumb to it . 

I’m not in any way justifying it . This is the truth . Let us trying working it out once more .

Aleah sat quietly . She turned to him and said” you have explained what happened. True ! But aren’t you a little late . 

10 years back you jilted me almost at the altar . How did you explain it ?

“ Just a text message and your wedding picture”.

Think Is that what I deserved .

Now after 10 years you conveniently come waltzing back into my life . Ready to take up from where you left ?

“ Did I even cross your mind in the last 10 years?

What could have happened with me ? 

I could have been married too. I can be in a relationship. 

Even if I’m not . Sorry to disappoint you . 

I’m not available. I’m definitely not interested.

Aahil put a hand on her wrist . Stopping her from making an untimely exit. 

Aleah looked at him pointedly . He let go of her hand .

She got up . Bid all her friends good night and left .

Aahil called her while she was driving back home . 

Aleah answered him “ yes”

Aahil pleaded with her” Don’t do this to us . Please Aleah! 

She snapped at him” Aahil there is no us”

Get that once in your mind .

She disconnected the call . 

She got home and straight into bed .

Too exhausted to even think .

She felt into a deep slumber.

Woke up suddenly . Tried going back to sleep .

She kept dreaming about Aahil . 

She woke up next morning in a bad mood . 

She had an afternoon flight to catch . She was traveling with all of them for another conference. 

The coming week was a busy week . She quickly packed . Popped a headache tablet . Got dressed and headed for the airport. 

They all boarded the flight together. There were 20 of them . 

As she settled in her window seat . She wanted to groan , shout and scream . Aahil came and settled next to her . Giving her his sweet smile. The one she loved the most . 

He smiled and asked her “ what’s the plan ?

She turned an angry gaze towards him. 

He smiled and said “ Just checking ! 

She turned and buried herself in her book . 

What do you think happens next ? Stay tuned 

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Self -care

 How does self -care look? 

Taking care of you . In this I mean , of course the skin care , Hair care , and the emotional you .

Take care of your thoughts . Nurture them . Feed your soul. Identify  what sets it on fire . 

Skin -care

Take your vitamins .

Use all your natural oils .

Sun-screen is a must .

Go back to your Grand -Mother’s Herbal gave washes and scrubs .

Use Almond oil,, grapeseed oil and an essential oil after your shower . Dab it gently all over . Wipe it with a Damp towel. Keeps the skin soft , moist and sparkling .

This weather ruins your hair . Use a mix of Almond oil, castor oil , Coconut oil and olive oil in equal quantities. Let it sit for sometime with curry leaves . Warm and apply it as frequently as possible. Leaves your hair lustrous , bouncy and healthy .

The list is endless.

“ Back to Nature “ should be the mantra for the coming few months .

Soul - food 

What excites your soul? Identify it. Work towards it . Work on your calling . Take the first step. Start , work towards it and build it slowly . 

Don’t be in a rush . There might be failures . There might be small wins . Take the world in your stride . After all “ Rome was not built in a day “ .

Feed your soul , what it needs the most .

Look good feel good . If you want to conquer, you have to feel good about yourself. A feel good woman can do much more . It helps you in emerging into the Best version of yourself. 

You are a complete package . From your skin care , to hair care , your soul and your emotions . All help you in becoming the Best . 

All the Best Lovelies!!! Do your best . Carve a niche for yourself out there . Nothing let you stop 😊

The chase - Torn Heart sequel 2

 Aleah was not herself next morning . The pain had hit her hard . She outback herself back together with great difficulty. Presenting a composed self to the world . She went in for the final presentation by the different companies. 

Another meeting 

Aahil was waiting for Aleah .Aleah ignored him and went straight for the meeting. The meeting took longer . Aleah sat drained . She was just going in for lunch . It had been set up in the Banquet Hall. Aahil cornered her . It left her with no choice but to speak to him . 

He asked her “ How long will you avoid me”?

Aleah answered him tautly “ Forever”

Aahil gave a resigned sigh. He pleaded with her” Just listen to me once . Please! 

Someone called out to her “ Aleah can you come here for a minute “ 

Aleah excused herself 

Lunch finished . Everyone sat for coffee .

Aleah quietly got away .

She went back home . Changed and got out to meet her friends.

The chase

Aleah was relaxing at her favourite restaurant with her friends. It was her usual group . Her old friends from school. Amaar walked in with Aahil. Aleah looked at him unblinkingly. 

Amaar came to the group and announced “ Guess who’s in town “

They were loud sounds of welcome . Leaving Aleah more irritated . 

The group shifted and there was one place free next to Aleah .

Aahil came and sat next to her . Giving her a wide , beaming smile .

Aleah ignored him . There was so much excited chatter. 

Suddenly it was like Aleah and Aahil were left alone . Totally on their own.

Aahil said “ Aleah ! I’m going to keep meeting you. You have to listen to what happened all those years ago .

Something snapped inside Aleah “ where’s your wife”?

Aahil quietly answered “ she died 3 years back”

Aleah sat stunned . 

Do you think Aahil will be able to win back Aleah . Stay tuned more.

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Kahan hai Ali(a.s)

 Nabiyon ne Pukara 

Kaabe ne pukara

Khandak ne  pukaara 

Khayber ne thak kar Pukaara

Kahan hai faathe khayber

Koofe ke mimbar se aayee nida

Waarise mimbar kahan hai

Kainat ne Pukara jhoom kar

Har simt se aayee awaaz e ghayab

Kahan hai Ali ibne Abu Talib

Din ki jhulasti dhoop mein

Ruk gayee kaiynat,

Mashiyate illahi ne kiya Apna ailan

Aye mere pyare Rasool 

Kar do ailaan e Imamat 

Shutar ke mimbar par 

Sawa lakh ke majme mein

Huwe mere Nabi ke waaris

Ka ailan e Imamat

Ghadeer-E- khum ka Maula

Abu Taalib ka Beta

Ek sada goonji har soo

Jhoomi Fizza kehte huwe

“ Man kunto Maula fa haaza AliyunMaula”

Waarise Nabi

Faatahe khayber

Mazaharul Ajaib

Aaj Huwe Sab ke Maula -E- kaiynat

Mubarak Eid E Ghadeer aap Sab koπŸ’πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸ˜Š

Bheegi si palkhaein

 Teri bheegi palkhoan ki chaoan mein

Paa liya Maine Apna Mukamil jahan

Duniya ne kaha mujh se

Kya hai tumhari masroofiyat

Maine muskura kar kaha

Kissi ki palkhoan ki narm chaoan 

Ke tale, Mera Mukamil jahan

Phir kaha jaon mein

Kahan Dhundoo, ek naya sa jahan?

Unki palkaein kabhi bheegi si

Kabhi madham si nam

Aatish baras Ti nighaoan ko

Chupati unki bheegi si palkaein

Phir bhi Maine Apna sukoon paya

Unki bheeghi si palkoan ke saaye

Ab na koi Aur jahan ki Chahat 

Na koi Arzoo, koi Aur palkoan ki

Aye Musafir-E- Jahan tujhe mil 

Gayee Kya apni manzil?

Pooch baithee shireen

Jawab -e- musafir - e - jahan

Ek mukamil jahan, kissi ke

Bheeghi palkoan ke tale

Friday, August 7, 2020


 A woman truly becomes unstoppable, once she realises her true worth. Firstly to discover the “ You” is no way an easy job . Discover your hidden talents.

We are all bestowed with countless ones. No one is devoid of talent. The trick is to discover them. We are all like different beautiful flowers in a bouquet. The bouquet only looks beautiful, when it has all the colours.

The creator has balanced his favourite creation beautifully. A well- balanced rational being . A multi faceted personality . We can carry out every role to perfection .

Life can never be the same at all times . It’s not constant, that’s the beauty . Humans need change to evolve . My own coined term” Dal chawal syndrome” . It means “can you have the same dish everyday” . No matter how much you like it . You are eventually going to get bored . Similarly we need healthy change to grow . We have to be exposed and tried in different circumstances. That’s when the unseen becomes visible.

Remember this , even a difficult day, just has 24 hours . Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen. Identify your calling . What brings your passion out to the forefront.

Being there for others is truly noble. But don’t forget “ you”. You matter the most. If you are contented, you will spread contentment.

It all starts with” you “ . Make it truly unique. One of it’s kind . 

Have your own signature identity.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Grow the world Tribe

 He sat at his potters wheel. Lost deep in thought . My world needs different beautiful colours . Let me adorn it with shapes and colours . Once all were ready , He sat back and smiled . Wow! They all look so beautiful. I just hope they stay together in harmony .

He thought “ I have made all of you with so much love . Fill that same love in your life. In turn  spread it in other lives too. Touch other’s lives with love . Help growing each other “.

From the potters corner” Don’t let each other down . Be there for each other. Love and care will make and heal this world together “ 

Don’t let my pottery break . Don’t let it crack . Take care of each other . You are all mine . Made from the same clay . 

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Random Thoughts

My morning started on a beautiful note . I woke up with a lot of positivity. Smile 😊 in place . It started with an invigorating session of yoga . Had a very satisfying session thanks to my yoga teacher . She’s the most dedicated and  a passionate teacher . I’m blessed to have her . Took extra time in making my coffee . Listening to the beautiful sounds in nature . Exhaling a lot of gratitude. Thanking for all the blessings. Just prayed for the well being around . Sitting with my coffee ☕️ . Feeling blessed to have yet another beautiful day . Stay safe#stay blessed.

Some thoughts from the writers Desk . 

Good morning all you beautiful people out there . Live the day to your best ability . 

Torn Heart sequel-1

Aleah sat in a very composed manner . She went through the whole conference. After years the anger had come back. Knocking the sails out off her . There was a slow boiling rage simmering within her . The hurt which she had kept in check . It was unnerving her . She met each and every person with poise . But just before Aahil was trying to reach her , she excused herself. 

She went home . Not in the mood to utter a word . The day kept coming back to her again and again . She took a tablet and went into a deep slumber . She woke up a little fresh . The anger was still there . She had completely forgotten. There was a formal dinner planned for tonight . It was for all the delegates. It was impossible to excuse herself. She decided , she would face it . Why did she need to run? 

Aleah looked exotically beautiful. She wore a beautiful black and white formal full length dress . Designed par excellence. It made her stand out more . She had taken time to do her hair . It felt in soft curls around her face . She had accentuated her eyes with blue , with a touch of green . She wore a beautiful blood red lipstick. She looked perfect. Calm , poised and totally in control.

The evening was proceeding beautifully. She had managed to avoid Aahil mostly . Towards the end of the night . He managed to find her alone . 
He came towards her “ Aleah ! Please give me a chance to explain.”

Aleah turned rage filled eyes “ Leave me alone Aahil . I don’t want to know anything. It’s done . It’s over “ 

Aleah turned to go away .
Aahil blocked her path .” You can’t go . You have to hear me out “.

Aleah turned furious eyes . Her whole being was trembling with rage “ Aahil , you stood me up 3 weeks before our wedding “ 
“The invitations were out . Hotels booked . Everything in place . Even my wedding gown”
“ you did not even have the courtesy to break it in person “ . “ you had the gall to send me a text message and your wedding picture”.
She was blinded by rage now . The hurt kept pouring out . She would have gone on and on . Just then someone called out to her . Aahil has no choice but to move . As she was passing him . He said “ I will speak to you. I’m not leaving this place before I speak to you . I will extend my trip .”
She turned her head haughtily and replied “ Do what you like . It doesn’t affect me” .

That night after 10 years again Aleah wept whole night . The pain was still there .
Stay tuned for more 

Today and the yester years

This morning I woke up with this thought . Man can never be rested . There is always an in-built and an outward pressure to know. Technology being so rampant , this has grown more . I wonder if it’s a boon or a bane . We grew up with scarce technology. No choice of multiple channels to view . No mobile phones , mind you, the connection was still stronger .. our unwinding sessions comprised of outdoor free play . We played for hours endlessly. Enjoying every bit to the hilt . Our favourite games were seven tiles, ice n spice , catching catch , so forth and so on . We never sat for long in front of the television. Thankfully ! It was never a part of our growing up.

Spending Quality time
In reality ,we did spend hours of quality time. We read books .Enjoyed Making pen friends . Learnt the art of letter writing. Conversation skills were mastered naturally. Our connections    were deeper, truer and more real. Today the pressure is just to know.

We all turned out fine . Doing great in life . We didn’t have plush malls to entertain us . But didn’t we still manage to have fun? . We enjoyed street food and street shopping. Didn’t have the need for fancy eating places . We survived on our pocket money . At the end of the month , managed to save it too.

The value of money was taught in a very simplistic manner . We valued everything . With less , we did more.

I still remember the long queues outside the theatres . Any new good release , took us straight there . Hoping to catch the earliest show . Waiting eagerly to get the tickets . We learnt , we grew , we made it .

Today there is tremendous pressure . The pressure to excel , mounts day by day . You have to be a know all . But I seriously wonder ? Are they mastering the trade ? Or becoming masters in none ? In order to be successful, it’s like a manual is handed out to you. You are constantly running a mental - checklist of how much you have accomplished in life . 

Didn’t we all learn at our own pace and in our own time . The present generation is all the time stressed .  They are not enjoying while learning , because the sense of failure is strong.

Today we live in a make - believe world . It’s idealistic . Realism is lost .

I remember when I was doing “ Renaissance “. It was a beautiful learning experience for me too. I feel we need to go back to that . The touch with the inner self . Touch with Humanism. The connect with being a human . The sculptors and artists of that era brought out that in their art . People felt art . Shakeaspeare pioneered realistic literature. He touched on realism through his work . Literature Renaissance as it was called .

Today we need to bring it back once more “ The true connect with the soul”.

Soul connect is what we need .

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Beeghi Si Ek Subah

Bheegi si Ek subah
Layee kuch  dastaanein

Kya kuch nahi layee
Kabhi kahin Khushi ki
Toh kahin Arzoo ki
Aur kahin Mohabbat ki

Apne Daaman-e- Umeed
Mein layee bheegi si subah 

Koi Musafir talaash -e- raah mein
Koi Humsafar Talaash-e- Chahat mein
Sab laye apne Ahsas E Wajood  mein
Ek Guzarish-e-Dil Bheege Paloan mein

Shireen bhi karti chali kuch shikwae
Iss Ek bheegi si subah ke Naam

Monday, August 3, 2020

Leila’s Bridal shower

The girls were at the villa . The event manager had outdone himself . The beach was completely transformed. It looked straight out of an Arabian story scene . Her friends and cousins were awestruck . The make -up artist , the dress designer were busy getting the girls ready for the party tonight . There was pure unadulterated excitement . The soft Arabian music playing lilting tunes . The girls looked totally transformed . They looked like different princesses from the Arabian nights. The food was just perfect . From the starters to the main course . They took pictures . Danced the night away . Fun games were played . No one was in the mood to sleep . The party broke somewhere around dawn .

Arad’s Bachelorette party 
They were having a wonderful time at the hotel. A private party with dancing and music had been planned . Excited chatter , jokes and a lot of tips were being handed out freely . The soon to be bridegroom was teased . So many games were being played . The next day’s fun was also being planned in advance. After a whole night of partying and eating . They fell exhaustedly in bed . Ready to call it a night rather morning. It was almost 8 when they slept .

Both the parties deep in slumber . Let’s wait for the D-Day . 2 days in Isphahan.

Torn Heart

Aleah today was heading her own Multinational firm. Engrossed in her career. Her siblings and cousins were all settled . Her life was her work . Giving her the much needed solace . She traveled far and wide . Always on her  toes. Her life was perfectly sorted . She woke up went for a walk . Her day started with her favourite glass of lime juice . Reading the paper . Listening to some soothing music . Going in for her leisurely morning routine. 9.30 she would be out for work . Coming home by 4.30. Resting a bit . Her nex
t passion was her yoga class . She never gave it a miss . Her evening was spent going through the day . Connecting with her besties . Sometimes her cousins and siblings came home . Sometimes meeting her friends at the lounge . She packed her day choc a block . 

Her nightly ritual was always reading a few pages of her book. Sometimes watching a light hearted movie . Sometimes just she and her thoughts . It was nights like these , that the pain suddenly creeped and brought tears to her eyes. The pain she thought she had buried long ago . The love which she had killed. Her heart sometimes did play traitor .

The chance meeting 
The next morning Aleah was in a tearing hurry . She had a very important meeting and presentation . There were important delegates flying in from 5 countries around the globe . Her company was hosting it . She was heading it . The hotel reservations , the pick -up , drops were all planned immaculately. Aleah was a perfectionist . She liked everything to be in order . She dressed very carefully and elegantly for her meeting. She walked in to her chambers at 9.30 . A little earlier than usual . The meeting was scheduled to start at 11.30 . The board room was all set . The delegates had all arrived . Everything went on smoothly . As she was going through the presentation once more , the first delegates walked in from Australia . She got so busy in welcoming them. That she did not see the last 2 people entering the room . As she turned with a welcoming smile , her heart gave a sickening lurch “This couldn’t be happening “. “ It couldn’t be him”z After all these years . Destiny couldn’t be this cruel . She regained her composure with all the  strength she could muster . It was Mr.Afsar from Iran . He came forward shook hands . A very distnguished gentleman. He turned towards him and introduced me “ Mr.Aahil , my son in law, The CEO  of Afsar and company “. After 10 years . I was looking into those eyes . Those same eyes which had made me see dreams . Those same eyes were today the cause of my hardening heart . My faith in love and trust had shattered . Yes! Those eyes had given me the pain . 

Stay tuned for more .

Drop the judgement

As humans we are conditioned thoroughly . Ready to think the worst mostly . Instantly If something goes wrong , we lean more towards negativity. It takes a supreme effort to induce positivity   But believe me, it’s a tried and tested. The day I dropped negativity. Only had nice things to think . My day went on smoothly. The day it was filled with negativity and criticism, it was the worst day .

This is the worst habit . It’s very easy to reprimand and tell people off. But it’s very difficult to politely explain to them . The sweeter your tone , the faster the work . Who doesn’t like to be spoken lovingly and politely. Practice the polite pause . Take a deep breath and introduce a loving pause . Half your worries will vanish . This brings down a lot of psycho- somatic problems too.

Drop it like a ton of hot bricks . Literally! This is the worst possible habit . Each is fighting a battle unknown. Always give them a benefit of doubt . We do not know the circumstances. Who are we firstly to judge . Are you perfect ? Today we are living in a picture perfect world . Just beautifully make - believe. Detached and devoid of reality . Let each one just be . Your role is to be there . Make people feel good . 

Practice this throughout the day . Keep sending a silentt thanks up there . Besides your set prayer time . Learn to start thanking , instead of complaining. See how your life changes magically. 

Your vibe should introduce you , before you enter a room . Your presence should be missed long after you have left it . Become so indispensable, that the world needs you . Just keep spreading your calmness. Today the world is a troubled place . Be loving , caring and compassionate. 

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Essence of Friendship

The need for being understood is always paramount in a human being . We like to be accepted , understood and loved . Every relation comes with its own challenges. Human is a complex being. We go through various upheavals, emotions and feelings. The biggest obstacle is, that nothing is consistent too. Life is subject to change . Anything can happen at any time . No matter how hard we prepare ourselves, we do give in to our emotions .

Essence of friendship 
The ones who love you unconditionally. Who stand by you, no matter what . You can be your true self at all times . The perfect sound box you need . If it’s 2 am in the morning, they are still there . They are the first people who come to your mind . Sometimes you don’t even have to say anything. They lend their quiet support . The best support system you can find . 

Friendship is rare 
Friends are again of different types : 
Coffee friends 
Who often meet over coffee and unwind together.

Book club friends 
They share similar interests.
Old school friends 
These are the ones who have been with you the longest . From school , if you are lucky till college . They have literally grown up with you .

College friends
Who have been to college with you . These friends come at a time in life , when you are more maturer . These friends too go a long way.

Gym friends 
These are friends who share the same passion like yours . The idea of staying fit and healthy is shared by you’ll.

Cousins turned Friends 
You grew up together. Shared so many beautiful moments and have countless memories. Over the time they become your friends too.

Community friends 
This friendship emerges from shared community gatherings. Often meeting each other at the same gathering. A beautiful bond is made and they become one of your closest friends .

Work -place friends 
These people stand by you and support you at work . The bond is strengthened by helping each other and learning from each other .

Best friends , soul sis or the besties 
They just know you better than yourself. You’ll are inseparable. You’ll fight , cry , laugh together. Share every minutest details of your life . 

Friendship is one of the most beautiful expressions of unconditional love . In the words of Shireen Haider” I rather have a best friend who I can pour my soul to. Then a supposed undying love .” 

Stay safe# stay blessed 😊

Welcome June

 A beautiful new month! Aspiring to bring in new aspirations. Where there are aspirations there are expectations. Let’s measure our breaths ...