Thursday, July 30, 2020

Woman’s Identity

A woman’s journey is the most trying . She dawns many a roles in her life . Often judged for each one of them. From birth to death , always , identified with someone else’s name . When she’s born , she’s lent a name . After being married, identified with another name . Once she’s a mother , again a new identity.

Her own identity 
In the maze of life , constantly given a new identity. Where did I get lost ? The me cried for its true identity . Her struggle started , when she went out to make a place for herself. Every time she stumbled fell, a new surge of hope rose within her . The “me” encouraged her . Applauded her wins . When she cried over her deafeats, he wiped her tears . 

The identity 
She rose from the ashes of defeats . Fought the chains of pre- conceived notions . Dropped the walls of judgement. She lived free spirited being . She listened more often to the “ Me”. It was not easy because the” Me” so often had to fight with “ they”. She did make her identify.

The Energised “Me”
Once she found her calling , there was no turning back . Now it was just “ Me”. At times the “ Me” felt tired and listless , took a break , but re- emerged . The surge of new hope and new energy after the break .

A positive note 
This goes out to all the wonderful women out there , who are striving to make their place in the world . Don’t let anything stop you. It’s the right time, the pandemic has taught us “ Nothing is certain “. The best laid plans can go awry . It’s a matter of time. Seize the moment. Show the world you matter and you are definitely Important. Start working on creating your own identity. Not the identity given by the world . The “ you” given by “ Me”. All the best to your new journey in creating your identity.Stay safe. Stay blessed.

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