Thursday, July 23, 2020

What Love looks like

Down beneath thy smouldering eyes
In the warm whisper of your breath 
In the softness of your gaze
Was that love?

As the night dimmed
In the dimming gaze 
Of you fanning lashes
Did I find love 

The soft white glow 
Of your translucent 
Porcelain Finished Beauty

Did I find my love

As the glow of my love 
Enveloped you in a tight hug
Our breaths merged 
In the oneness of our beings 

Yes! My being did finally 
Find the eternal love
The love ! Which I searched 
For nearly an eternity 

Finally! My search was over
Love ! Did look like her
Pure ! innocently ! Divinely beautiful 
The mirage of selfless love!

Love like I had dreamt
Was in its truest form
Breathing ! Smiling 
And filling me with 
The most purest of truth

Yes! love looked like her 

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