Sunday, July 26, 2020

Tips to boost your morale during the Pandemic

True ! These are trying times . Each one is going through something. Some have lost their loved ones . Some are seeing their loved ones battle for life . Some are battling emotional storms . Some are facing life threatening situations.
Yes! The threat is there . How do you manage your sanity in all this ?

Few tips to boost your morale during the pandemic:

Stay calm 
I know what you’ll are thinking.  Easier said then done . During the stormiest phase , staying calm is what keeps us going. Many a solutions pop up when you are calm and collected .

Stay positive 
It’s very easy to slip into a negative frame of mind . Expecting the worst . At this time if you bring out your positivity from your inner reserves . It will keep you sane throughout your journey.

Stay happy 
Feel that something wonderful is about to happen. Look for little joys . Little treats and pleasures keep us happy and motivated . The joy we feel deep within keeps us excited . Excitement is quintessential for our living

Feel good factor
Every morning dress for the day . Dress in your best .  You are dressing for yourself. When you dress well, your being also feels joyous . The urge to do better strikes within us.

Stay connected 
Connect with people you care . Drop a text , call send a positive message . Make people cared and wanted.

Humour is the essence of a fruitful motivated day . Always wake up with a smile 😊. Smile improves your mindset and makes you look forward to the day . Learn to laugh it out .

Stay hydrated 
Most essential . Keep yourself hydrated at all times . 

We are in this journey together. Let’s lend our support to each other to move ahead and fight it out .
Yes! We can do it together. We shall overcome some day . Deep in my heart I do believe. Stay blessed. Stay safe 

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