Friday, July 31, 2020

The excitement begins

In both the households,the pre-wedding excitement had begun. The guests were coming in already.There was an air of festivity.
Leila’s Bridal shower was being held at Caspian , rightfully called the Persian Riviera. It was going to be an Arabian Night’s theme. Tents were going to be set up by the beach . Everything was going to be in Gold and white. Exquisite Lanterns were ordered to add to the Beachy Glow. The villas had been rented where her cousins and friends were going to stay . Leila was busy looking in to the details for her bridal shower. The Dessert  sampling was also underway. The special dessert which had been requested by her , was taking shape . She had a special interest in the coffee and Dessert section as we all know why . Two of her weaknesses. The house was already filled with house guests. All her aunts and uncles had already come . Late night coffee and Hookah sessions and a lot of dancing and singing . 

Arad’s place was swarming with his relatives and friends. His Bachelorette party was being organised at Bangkok. His friends were taking him for 2 days . He was looking into the wedding arrangements at Isphahan. Planning the sight seeing day trips for the guests . The Decor and caterers were being finalised. It was going to be a mix of Authentic Persian and a little western cuisine . The perfect mix of both. How could he forget the special request put in by his to be bride of Desserts and coffees . He was so excited. The excitement had truly just begun . He had also ordered a special wedding gift for Leila . He had specially designed it with the jewellers . He was waiting to see the excitement on Leila’s face , when he would gift her.

Lot more coming up in the following sequels . Stay tuned. It has all just begun .

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