Thursday, July 30, 2020


When we hear this word , what comes to our mind . A complex system of traditions and rituals . But in today’s times. The meaning has changed . It’s become significant in so many different ways . The following rituals have been coined :

Meal time Rituals
The family which spends time at the dinner table is always bonded . Don’t take these meal times casually. Discuss your day with your 
loved ones . Spend time together with 
anecdotes . Laugh it out . The day will go beautifully.

Vacation Ritual
The ritual of going on a vacation is so therapeutic for the family. The time for deep relaxation is looked forward by each and everyone in the family . The children are always so excited about it . They wait the whole year for it.

Eating-out Ritual
Whether it’s a birthday, Anniversary or the various other occasions celebrated through out the year , it’s the excitement of eating out . The family plans on sampling different cuisines . The new restaurants or eating out places are researched . It’s truly exciting.

Reunion Ritual
The re- uniting of family from different parts of the world . A school or College Alumni, its truly exhilarating. It could be at a resort or somewhere out-station. The planning around it adds to a lot of excitement 

Celebration Ritual
This is the best part . The celebration centres mainly around festivals or weddings. If it’s a destination Wedding, then the fun gets multiplied 100 fold. It’s all out and out fun . The late nights during the pre - wedding festivities. The bonding is just amazing  In the  Album of memories, you will have so much to save .

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