Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Respecting each one’s space

Today in these trying times , every one is busy battling a lot of personal battles . The sense of normalcy is disrupted. There’s a new “ normal” which we all are getting accustomed to. Man being a social animal is cooped up more indoors . The fear and uncertainty is looming large. Everyone as a family are more together. But unfortunately, that can be a boon or a bane. Boon for sometime but could become a bane in the long run . We do need our space too. For any individual to grow and remain calm , they need a healthy mix of both . If you are not able to step out and get your space . These are some quick tips to help you out :

Allot some “Me” time
During this allotted time , see what you would like to do more . Plan or sometimes just go with the flow.

Look forward 
Have incentives for yourself. Do something which you have been longing to do . Could be a zoom call with your cousins. Connecting with your old friends. Reading your favourite book or just sitting with your mug of coffee. 

Don’t be available all the time 
The main frustration emerging today is , we are continuously available. You have to strictly draw a line. Though you are around but when it’s your time , you are not available.

Plan your day
Allot a time during the day . Don’t let your chores run into each other . If there’s going to be an overload, there is bound to be frustration. You might feel you’ve been working dawn to dusk and yet no break . If you want some time, then you’ll have to work on time management as well.

Let it go
When you have not been able to do something, don’t stress. Let it go . There’s always a tomorrow and a beautiful morning to work it out . 

Replace negativity with positivity 
I know easier said then done . Sometimes you might be on the verge of screaming your lungs out . Take a deep breath . Drink some water . Try remembering some happy moments. It definitely lifts your mood . Listen to some calming music . It will go a long way in lifting your mood .

Remember you are not alone ! The whole world is in it together. And very soon , we’ll all come out of it together. Keep the spirit going my friends . Stay safe . Stay blessed 😊

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