Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Miran’s Honeymoon

Love is a beautiful thing thought Simone as she sat buckled up in the aircraft . Surging towards her dream destination. Yes! They were going to Paris for their honeymoon. They went to a beautiful cottage . All to themselves. It was tastefully done . They had a wonderful time there . It was their own little paradise , cut away from the rest of the world . They did a bit  of sight seeing . Long walks . They did what they felt like . Miran pampered her to no end . He made breakfast for her every morning. Indulged her in every which way . They dined at exotic restaurants. Sipped coffee at the best coffee shops. It couldn’t be more beautiful. As Simone looked at Miran . She felt , she had been given the best gift . Their happily ever after continued we’ll into the future . Their love multiplied by the minute . Their love still going strong 😊So the fairy tale did actually continue for Simone and Miran .

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