Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Mesmerising Eyes

In those tawny depths
I lost my all
They spoke to me 
From their pooling depths

I stood mesmerised 
In their first glance
I could see the moon standing 
In due attendance 

The stars sparkled extra bright 
That dark luminicient midnight
O’ you soul lanterns
You help me , see deep into 
Her mesmerising soul

I a vagabond , Nomad
Caught in the magical spell
Of those, Now have lost
My dear freedom, to yours 
Just your , mesmerising depths

O’ Mesmerising Gentle lass
Leave me free!
Or join me in my journey
Let’s journey together!

Far and beyond
In the magic spell
Of woven love

Let’s tread there 
Where the Gypsies
Left it bare and untouched 
Now I’m an eternal prisoner 
Of yours! 

A slave of those mesmerising 
Tawny Depths ,
My eyes are bereft of sleep
My dreams are only of 
Thy eyes , Set me free 

From my dreams !
Let slumber take me 
In its gentle lap

O’ You tawny 
Mesmerising eyes
I plead with thee 
Set me free!!!

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