Thursday, July 23, 2020

Leila’s surprise shopping trip

As Leila came down for breakfast. She was greeted with the most wonderful surprise. Her parents sat across from her . They gave her their most mysterious smiles . Upon being asked, they both uttered in unison “ Get ready for your trip to Europe “ . She looked at them in shock “Europe! She exclaimed. Yes ! They said . Then they slowly told her that along with her 3 friends , they had planned her surprise shopping trip . They were leaving tomorrow morning. Paris , Greece and Italy . It was her shopping trip cum their last All girls trip. She excitedly started packing . Some more things had to be done . She finalised her wedding invite . Called Arad . He was happy but said that he was going to miss her tons . The day flew . By the time , she realised , it was time for her flight . she sat in the aircraft, ready to take - off along  with her friends . They were so excited. So many plans underway on how they would shop and spend time together. Exploring Europe together. Their excitement knew no bounds . Bon voyage ! Stay tuned for the Europe sojourn.

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