Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Leila’s excitement begins

After the Engagement, there was only excitement. Her friends started planning from next morning. The guest lists were made . The series of pre- wedding functions . Dress Designers were called in . The appointment with the jewellers. Her cousins from abroad, were all coming down for the wedding. The food trials were lined up . For Leila the most important was the Dessert Menu . Her favourite was chocolate. She had asked the chef  for a special tailor made dessert for her Reception. Mars , caramelised chocolate biscuit with a toffee topping . Her friends started with the dance practice for the bridal shower . Her favourite DJ was being called in for the cocktail dinner and dance. She was so caught up , that she hardly got a chance to speak to Arad . There were so many missed calls and unanswered messages . Finally at night she got some time to herself. Arad was a bit upset with her . But then everything was ironed out between them. They both fell into the conversation of planning for their wedding. The excitement has just begun in both the households ... stay tuned ... Much  more to follow in the coming weeks😊.

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