Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Leila’s Europe sojourn continues

Leila landed in Milan . They headed straight to Grand hotel et de Milan. It was cosy , charming and beautiful. They were there just for 3 days . They wanted to pack a lot in these three days . They headed straight out to Quadrilatero d’Oro . It was an exhilarating experience. Time just flew . Then they headed out for an early dinner to EdA Milano. It was dramatically done up exquisite Italian restaurant. Contrasting reds and blacks produced a glamorous effect . They went back and planned the next 2 days . They did some sight seeing , more shopping and tasted some 
They had a authentic Italian Gourmet dishes. Leila sat at night and told Arad in detail about how her day was . They exchanged notes . Planning more things about their wedding . Leila landed in Paris . Just there for 2 days. They stayed at four seasons hotel George v Paris . The day just flew . They took an overnight River swine cruise . They enjoyed themselves thoroughly. Living each moment in It’s full glory . She missed Arad terribly in Paris . She wished Arad was with her . She promised herself that she would make a trip with Arad here sometime next year . They had a lovely meal at the Shabestan - Champs-Élysées. They had at Epicure , which was a Haute French restaurant. The trip was sadly coming to an end . But the girls were delighted . They got a lot of ideas for the bridal shower and the other pre- wedding dinners . They were going back with heads full of ideas . Stay tuned for Leila’s bridal shower at the caspian .

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