Saturday, July 25, 2020

Leila’s Europe sojourn begins

They landed in Italy at noon . They were driven straight to Hotel grand Minerva . Florence was beautiful. On their way they saw beautiful Structures. Old Architecture reflected in every nook and corner . Preserved so beautifully. After all the birth place of Michael Angelo. The hotel was beautiful. They unwinded relaxed and after a quick lunch set out for shopping . They found a few things . But came back early as they were exhausted. They had an early dinner and decided to have coffee by the pool. It was a relaxing evening by the pool. They sat listening to live Italian music . They enjoyed the after dinner Italian coffee . Then headed straight to bed . Next day they had to pack quite a bit . They had breakfast at Caffe Gilli. Then headed out to via de’ Tornabuoni. They headed out to Gustarium . A perfect lunch place . They wanted to see some good Italian jewellery store . They went straight to Angela Caputi . They found the most exquisite jewellery there . They had a long day . They headed back to the hotel . It was truly exciting . Next morning they were going to the museum to see some of  Michael Angelo’s works . Next morning they headed out to the museum and were there almost till noon . They headed out for a quick lunch to Fattoria Rossi Firenze . It was Famous for their salads . The food and ambience was excellent. They had a lovely time . They strolled around for sometime by the town square . Window shopping and went for coffee to finisterrae. They were going for an Italian opera tonight. They didn’t want to be late for that . They went back rested for a while and headed out for the opera . They were lost in it . It took them to an altogether different plane . They came back and crashed . Next day they were flying to Milan . Keep tuned in for their trip to Milan.

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