Monday, July 13, 2020

Leila ‘s Turmoil

Her father just kept staring at her . Lost for few seconds. Leila ‘s Heart was in her throat . Finally her father smiled . Leila felt herself take a deep relaxing breath . He said “ Leila it’s your life “. Do whatever your heart tells you to do . After all you are the one , who has to spend her life with him. If you think it’s Arad who’ll make  you happier , then it shall be Arad . Leila was the happiest . Just as her father decided to call Azar ‘s father . His phone rang . He answered it and got up from his chair in grave concern . He hung up the phone and turned towards Leila and said “ Azar ‘s father is in the ICU. He had a massive heart attack . Leila’s heart sank . She quickly rushed with her father to the hospital . They sat out with Azar and his family . Finally the doctor came out after sometime and said keep praying for him . Azar’s Mother looked up and told Leila” He was so excited about yours and Azar ‘s wedding “ . Leila’s heart sank further . She and her father exchanged a look . Just then Arad’s message came . “What happened , I’m so worried “. Leila was torn . She didn’t know what to do . Just then the nurse came out and said “ he’s becoming more critical . Leila’s world was sinking . What do you think happens next ... stay tuned 

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