Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Leila ‘s Dilemma

Leila went back to Tehran with a heavy heart . She sat pondering throughout her flight . How had she fallen in love with Arad . She drive home from the airport straight to her office . Her ritual since years . After dropping the papers and briefing her staff , She went home . As she was entering her house . She met her cousin at the entrance. Her childhood cousin . Zahare. They were inseparable always. She quickly took her aside and said I have to tell you something very important. Hearing them at the entrance, her mother came out to meet her . They both went inside, sat with her parents for sometime. Then she went up , freshened up and left with zahare again . They sat at their favourite restaurant. Leila poured her out . Zahare sat quietly for sometime and then said “ You have to tell your parents the truth . You’ll never be happy with Azar . Leila and zahare spoke for some more time . Then they both left separately. Leila went home determined to tell her parents everything. As she was entering , her fiancée was already there . She wished him . Then pleading a headache went up to her room. Just then Arad’s message beeped . In all this confusion, she had forgotten to text him . She called him . He sounded very worried . She assured him that she was going to try and speak to her parents tomorrow. Next day at breakfast, She mustered the courage and told her father everything. Her father just kept looking at her . What do you think happens . Keep tuned to know.....

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