Thursday, July 23, 2020

God’s own fairy tale

He made a giant book 
Of fairy tales
Called Earth

He filled various characters
Called Human beings 

He made different stories 
For each of them 

Some happy , some sad
Some a mix of both 

He added humour 
A bit of humility 
Compassion in some

After his book was completed 
He got it published 

And then Earth was created 
His book of fairy tales

And the journey of each of 
His characters, stories begun

Some were wistful
Some thankful 
Some cheerful 
Some sorrowful 

But they all loved him
He ended the book 

Wrote a conclusion saying 
All of you are mine
You all belong to me
You are all equally special
Never Doubt that
I love each one of you 
The same I love the other

So, that’s how the giant 
Book of fairy tales 
Called Earth 
Came into being 

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