Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Emotional well-being checklist

A short , quirkly fun list :

1) A positive mindset 
2) A strong mug of Humour
3) A plate full of smiles
4) A bag full of laughs 
5) A dish full of love 
6) A bowl full of care
7) A strong cup of compassion 
8) A baked dish of care , slightly over baked , if possible
9) All the above have to be sprinkled with a lot of friends and family time 
10) Last but not the least sprinkled and garnished with a lot of prayers 
11) A huge serving of “ Me time” Which could be compensated for dessert

Always feel like something wonderful is going to happen . Just spend time with you and Discover the new “ you” . Unfortunately for which we never had time for before . Stay blessed, stay smiling , stay strong.  There are paths yet to be discovered, Destinations yet to be traveled 😊.

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