Monday, July 27, 2020

Challenges of a mom during the pandemic

Mom the word itself implies a multi faceted role player . From the time her feet hit the ground , she’s literally on her feet . Combating various situations during the day . The challenges during the pandemic have grown . It’s definitely not easy . So many roles being juggled and yet keeping her sanity intact . She’ a cook, chauffeur, cleaner , friend , counsellor , confidant all rolled in one. For her family the SOS button at all times . Just a few tips for the loving mothers :

you matter too
I know Mother’s selflessly are busy taking care of their families and things around them . They are born with this instinct . Remember in the bargain don’t forget yourselves. You come first . Take out that so required “MeTime”. It will go a long way in maintaining your equilibrium.

Whether it’s retail therapy , friend therapy , coffee therapy and my favourite coined term” chocolate therapy . It’s very important. Whatever makes you feel happy . Once in a while treat yourself too. How you like to treat your children. Treat the inner child in you too.

Me time
Such a commonly used word . How many of us actually practice this . We all do deserve it . Don’t feel guilty . If it’s a long soak , a head massage , a evening given to Netflix or Amazon prime . It’s fine . No mood to cook . Just read your favourite book . Excellent!!! One night a snack dinner or a take - away won’t do any harm . Please give yourself that time .

Recharge your batteries
Earlier before the pandemic, wouldn’t we all allot few hours on the weekend for ourselves. After that we wouldn’t we be geared  up for the week ahead . So what’s stopping you now from doing the same . Take out time . If you are still needing that time . Take it ! I would say grab it with both hands . We need it more now .

Drive and music 
This is what I love to do the most . Just drive around with my favourite music for sometime. Treat myself, incidentally , which I love doing the most . I buy an ice- cream or a chocolate bar . Believe me , it works like magic . 

All you lovelies out there . Each one of you is special. You matter . So start doing things you would do for someone , who’s special and matters the most . Stay blessed. Stay safe ๐Ÿ˜Š


  1. Being a mom is so challenging and rewarding. Great topic

  2. absolutely correct, this pandemic brings challenges for's very difficult for them to handle but they are doing great job...nice article..liked while reading...

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    Coronavirus Impact

  3. Thank you๐Ÿ˜Š. I’ll definitely do .

  4. Motherhood can be overwhelming but mothers are women of strength. This is amazing

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  6. I don't know where you women get all that inner strength from. God bless you for us.


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