Saturday, July 4, 2020

Arad’s dream comes true

The day dawned bright and sunny . Arad was still feeling good in his dream world . He didn’t want to come out of it . It was beautiful and so real . Alas! He had already shut the alarm thrice . He glanced at the alarm clock on his bedside “ ohh God ! It was already 9. He quickly got ready . Rushed through the morning at a breakneck speed . He skipped breakfast and drove directly to the hotel . He had a very important conference lined up with some other hoteliers from all over Iran and Turkey . He walked in immaculately dressed in his slate grey business suit . He looked too handsome, of course as usual he was oblivious to that fact . The staff wished him as he sailed through them and went directly into his office . He called for his papers and of course a strong cup of coffee . He quickly glanced through the papers and went in straight to the conference hall. Most of them were all there . They were just waiting for the representative from one of the hotels . The reason sighted was the flight had got delayed . Just then the door swung open . As Arad turned towards the door . He was godsmacked in his gut . He looked shocked . The beautiful brown eyes were done up more beautifully. She marched in with confidence . Beautiful glossy brown hair , in waves greeted her back . She wore a beautiful tailored outfit in red and black . Her persona smelled of power . Arad wanted to forget everything and just take her in his arms and whisk her away to a beautiful place . He went through the motions of the meeting mechanically . Finally, when it came to an end . He breathed a sigh of relief . Tonight there was a party at the hotel , in honour of the guests . He caught her alone and spoke to her . She introduced herself as Leila. They spoke for sometime and then headed for lunch . While he was busy conversing and entertaining others . He suddenly found out that Leila had gone to her room. He left and went home . As he was driving back ,he thought of his dream last night . He didn’t think in his wildest dreams that today she would be standing in front of him.. He reached home and tried resting for sometime. He was too excited. He took a long warm bubble bath , but to no avail. He tried listening to soothing music , nothing was working today. He was too restless and tried pacing up and down . Finally it was close to the time, when he had to leave . He dressed in a black tuxedo. Looking breathtakingly handsome . He reached the hotel in no time . The music was soft . Mocktails and hor’deavures were doing the rounds. Dainty prawn and shrimps sautéed in special mushroom sauce . Chicken  dipped and layered in cheese n jalapeño sauce . One finger food was more delicious than the other . Arad  was restlessly waiting for her . Why hadn’t she come yet .  Then just as he was thinking what to do , she walked in . He kept looking at her . She wore a beautiful long outfit in royal blue . Enhancing her colour to perfection. Her make up was carefully applied . Arad gave her time to meet others . When she came closer to him . Arad spoke to her and subtly manipulated her away from the crowd . They spoke for a long time. They were oblivious to the world around them . Arad asked Leila for a dance . They danced on few numbers. Had dinner . Then again got busy meeting others . Finally the part came to an end . Arad extracted a promise from Leila for meeting him tomorrow... till tomorrow comes ... stay tuned 

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