Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Arad’s Anguish

Arad sat still. He was so worried. Just then his mother came into the room . Questioned him . He explained the whole situation to her . She assured him that all will work out in the end . Don’t worry . Have faith and keep praying. Arad started praying like never before. At any cost , he wanted Leila in his life . This was one thing he had honestly prayed and asked for . After almost getting Leila, fate couldn’t be so cruel . She couldn’t be snatched away from him . Leila was leaving the hospital. When Azar came in . They exchanged a few words and then she left for Home . Leila went home 
and spoke to Arad for sometime. She had just gone to sleep . When she was woken up by the shrill ringing of the phone . It was Azar . His father had taken a turn for the worst . They rushed to the hospital. They were there till the first streaks of dawn . Then came home and slept for sometime. Azar’s father peacefully passed away in his sleep . The next few days passed away in a blur . Leila was getting more and more anxious by the passing minute . There Azar’s Mother was hinting again and again for an early wedding. Finally Leila found an opportunity and told Azar that she had to tell him something very important. Just as Leila was explaining to Azar . His brother ‘s call came saying his mother had fainted . Azar rushed , leaving Leila in mid - sentence ... stay tuned for more 

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