Thursday, July 2, 2020


It was raining heavily . A fierce storm was going to break out very soon . Arad finished his meeting and rushed to his car . He enjoyed driving back from his Hotel . It had just won the best hospitality Award . The Arad group of Hotels . He was usually a very humble person, but today he felt like giving himself some credit . He had his favourite music on . Singing while driving . Enjoying the drive . He came from a close knit family . The eldest of 3 siblings. His father had taken an early retirement and  came occasionally to check . He was running the entire business along with his younger brother. His sister was studying in the u.k . As he drove towards home set in the north of Mashhad. He was suddenly feeling very hungry . He imagined chelo kabab, his mom’s recipe , which was unmatched. Waiting hot n ready for him. He drove into the driveway. The door was opened and he went straight to his room to freshen up . Then came down had dinner with his family. Sat and spoke to them for a while . As he was walking upto his room. Suddenly he remembered her and halted at the stairs . Lost deep in his thoughts . He walked towards his room . As he lay in bed . He remembered it so clearly. He was rushing towards the terminal, already late for his flight to Geneva . She bumped into him with her luggage . They both apologised to each other. He had not seen such a beautiful woman ever . There was something so striking about her . He kept staring into her beautiful almond shaped brown eyes . She had the most beautiful flawless skin . She was quite tall . He was close to 6’1 and she must have easily been 5’8. She wore flat moccasins and very tastefully dressed . There was something so sophisticated and elegant about her . He still couldn’t forget her . It was almost a year . Would he ever get to meet her again . With this thought , he fell asleep . Sometimes the cosmos  gets to work immediately. It all depends on how strong you intend. Little did Arad know, that less than 24 hours later . His one heartfelt wish , the love of his life would be right in front of him.  To be continued.....

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