Monday, July 20, 2020

Arad and Leila’s Engagement

Leila was so happy . Arad was ecstatic. He was literally walking on the clouds . His one wish had been granted . He had finally got Leila . He looked Dapper in his Armani suit . Ready for his engagement. There was so much noise in the house . Out on the lawns . The family had gathered for lunch . They were arranging the trays to be taken to Leila’s house . At Leila’s place , there was equal fervour . There was so much excitement. Her friends were getting the house decorated . Her things were being laid out . The lawns were being set up for the function . The florists were doing up the place . The caterer’s were busy . It was just so much excitement. In the evening the place looked breathtakingly beautiful with the lamps lending a deep glow . The shadowey darkness was adding to it . Leila looked so beautiful. She was dressed in a beautiful golden gown. Rubies Adorning her throat and ears . The glow in her eyes was unmatched. Her eyes sparkled of their own will . Arad came with his family . There were almost 350 guests . The place was buzzing with excitement. The engagement finally took place . A beautiful solitaire rested on Leila’s finger . Adding to the glow and sparkle . They were inseparable. They just had eyes for each other. There was a lovely live band . Creating a beautiful symphony. Belting out beautiful romantic numbers . It was a perfect evening. The wedding date was fixed after 2 months . They both knew they had a lot of work before the wedding. But the excitement was palpable. The night ended beautifully . Stay tuned for the pre- wedding festivities... More to follow .

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