Friday, July 17, 2020

Arad and Leila torn apart

Leila was left there standing , without getting a chance to complete her sentence . She went to her favourite coffee shop and asked zahare to come there too. She poured her heart out to her . Just then zahare got an invite from Kaashan for a reknowened exhibition. She pleaded with Leila to come along with her . Next morning they both left . It was a beautiful drive , they stopped for tea . Picked up the yummy baskets of cherries on the way . It was a beautiful, pleasant day . The exhibition was beautiful. After spending an eventful day , they were heading back . Zahare dropped Leila, extracting a promise from her to meet again tomorrow. Leila was actually feeling better . She had a smile on her lips as she entered the house . But her smile was short lived . She saw Azar sitting with her father . Her father looked grim . He saw me and said “ you better speak to Azar alone “. My heart sank . Azar did not make any small talk . He came straight to the point . He said Mummy is keen for an early wedding. How would 2 months from now be for you . In my hearts of  hearts I said , i will never be ready . I realised then Azar would have to listen to what she had thought of . She could do nothing . They would never be happy with each other . I took a deep breath and said “ Azar I cannot marry you “.... Azar had the most hurtful expression in his eyes . Stay tuned for more. 

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