Sunday, July 19, 2020

Arad and Leila finally unite

Azar had the most hurtful expression . He looked at Leila in deep hurtful silence . Leila said tearful eyes “ I’m sorry “. I never meant to hurt you . I’m Helpless too. I don’t know how it happened. “. She went on to explain everything. They parted promising to be friends. They hugged each other and put an end to their short lived relationship. Leila emerged a happier woman . She sat in the car and called Arad . In the mood to tease him a little. Arad picked up on the first ring . He immediately asked “ what happened “. Leila said in a very somber tone . He didn’t agree . There was a deep silence at the other end . Leila could not keep quiet any longer . She gave a trilling laugh .She said Azar ended the relationship. They parted as friends. Azar was the happiest . He gave a loud shout of joy . He said we are coming on Friday and will finalise the wedding date . Stay tuned for the festivities.

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