Friday, July 24, 2020

A selfless Gesture

This is a true incident. It happened with me today . But what left a lasting impact was the selfishness of supposedly the polished ones . And the true selflessness of what we call the lesser literates . I had left my home in a jovial mood . Planning to run a few errands on the way . Was mentally compiling my to do list , which I usually do . As I was driving down towards my old house, where I used to live till 6 months ago . A lot of memories are attached with that place . Specially, their every Friday vegetable market . Many vendors are known. So as I was passing , some greeted with a wave , some with a smile . Beckoning me to stop by . As I was contemplating , my next move . On my right few scooterists had jammed the road . Which as we all know is the norm in Hyderabad, the attitude goes “ Sab chalta hai”. There was an Innova  coming from the opposite side. Two supposedly polished gentleman. But who knew they were wolves in the garb of sheep . I requested them , showing signs of moving and navigating. They did not even bother to wait a second. Recklessly hitting my right back fender and driving away in a tearing hurry . I was so furious and angry. Just got down from the car . Locked it and trying to see if they had stopped ahead . Meanwhile a vegetable vendor , a young girl , who was watching all this . Came up to me quickly and said “ madam I think they have stopped ahead she said . You must go and check . I agreed with her . But what touched me the most was , at that time , she had 3 customers lined up to buy her veggies . She quickly instructed her brother to take over and walked with me till the end of the road . We both searched but no sign of the car . I came back dejected. I was so upset , I didn’t even speak to her as I was walking back. She respected my silence . When I came back towards my car . She quietly said to me “ madam I’ll be on the look out for that car .I thanked her and while driving away , suddenly remembered I had asked her to pack few veggies for me . I forgot to take it from her . I hadn’t paid her , but what kept coming back to me was, in all this . She did not remind me once about taking the veggies from her . In fact she respected the fact that I was upset . Left her customers and spent her valuable time in trying to trace the fugitive car . If Education teaches us to be selfish , arrogant, proud and overbearing ? Who needs to be literate . My thoughts only run back to that girl , who stood by me quietly through my Turmoil . Life is funny , people from different walks of life touch us at different times . During this pandemic, I had thought people would learn to be more humane and humble . But today ‘s episode has left me bitter again . In life , truth is very few people will stand by you . Keep those close . I’m going to go Back next Friday and thank the girl in person. I owe her that much atleast . 

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