Saturday, July 11, 2020

A calmer mindset

A calmer mindset 
The corona cases world wide are escalating. There is a deep rooted fear within each one . One thing that I have realised is , a positive mindset will eventually take each one of us through this . The fear in people is the isolation . That they are somehow totally on their own .Please don’t feel like that . I humbly request people to be there with their friends and relations at this difficult times . It’s very simple , drop a text , pray , call them. Man is a social animal . If he’s isolated, that’s when the fear of the unknown sets in . Believe this phase will pass. Keep being positive and keep praying. Remember he has taken many a people out from this . Don’t lose your faith and positivity . He will grant you with an undeniable strength . Stay blessed all of you . Let’s hope for the best . Let’s keep the citizens of the world in our prayers . Sending a lot of prayers , positivity and healing energy . Don’t worry every century has battled with it . They came out emerging victorious . We will all fight it . Good  morning beautiful souls

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