Friday, July 31, 2020

The excitement begins

In both the households,the pre-wedding excitement had begun. The guests were coming in already.There was an air of festivity.
Leila’s Bridal shower was being held at Caspian , rightfully called the Persian Riviera. It was going to be an Arabian Night’s theme. Tents were going to be set up by the beach . Everything was going to be in Gold and white. Exquisite Lanterns were ordered to add to the Beachy Glow. The villas had been rented where her cousins and friends were going to stay . Leila was busy looking in to the details for her bridal shower. The Dessert  sampling was also underway. The special dessert which had been requested by her , was taking shape . She had a special interest in the coffee and Dessert section as we all know why . Two of her weaknesses. The house was already filled with house guests. All her aunts and uncles had already come . Late night coffee and Hookah sessions and a lot of dancing and singing . 

Arad’s place was swarming with his relatives and friends. His Bachelorette party was being organised at Bangkok. His friends were taking him for 2 days . He was looking into the wedding arrangements at Isphahan. Planning the sight seeing day trips for the guests . The Decor and caterers were being finalised. It was going to be a mix of Authentic Persian and a little western cuisine . The perfect mix of both. How could he forget the special request put in by his to be bride of Desserts and coffees . He was so excited. The excitement had truly just begun . He had also ordered a special wedding gift for Leila . He had specially designed it with the jewellers . He was waiting to see the excitement on Leila’s face , when he would gift her.

Lot more coming up in the following sequels . Stay tuned. It has all just begun .

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Woman’s Identity

A woman’s journey is the most trying . She dawns many a roles in her life . Often judged for each one of them. From birth to death , always , identified with someone else’s name . When she’s born , she’s lent a name . After being married, identified with another name . Once she’s a mother , again a new identity.

Her own identity 
In the maze of life , constantly given a new identity. Where did I get lost ? The me cried for its true identity . Her struggle started , when she went out to make a place for herself. Every time she stumbled fell, a new surge of hope rose within her . The “me” encouraged her . Applauded her wins . When she cried over her deafeats, he wiped her tears . 

The identity 
She rose from the ashes of defeats . Fought the chains of pre- conceived notions . Dropped the walls of judgement. She lived free spirited being . She listened more often to the “ Me”. It was not easy because the” Me” so often had to fight with “ they”. She did make her identify.

The Energised “Me”
Once she found her calling , there was no turning back . Now it was just “ Me”. At times the “ Me” felt tired and listless , took a break , but re- emerged . The surge of new hope and new energy after the break .

A positive note 
This goes out to all the wonderful women out there , who are striving to make their place in the world . Don’t let anything stop you. It’s the right time, the pandemic has taught us “ Nothing is certain “. The best laid plans can go awry . It’s a matter of time. Seize the moment. Show the world you matter and you are definitely Important. Start working on creating your own identity. Not the identity given by the world . The “ you” given by “ Me”. All the best to your new journey in creating your identity.Stay safe. Stay blessed.


When we hear this word , what comes to our mind . A complex system of traditions and rituals . But in today’s times. The meaning has changed . It’s become significant in so many different ways . The following rituals have been coined :

Meal time Rituals
The family which spends time at the dinner table is always bonded . Don’t take these meal times casually. Discuss your day with your 
loved ones . Spend time together with 
anecdotes . Laugh it out . The day will go beautifully.

Vacation Ritual
The ritual of going on a vacation is so therapeutic for the family. The time for deep relaxation is looked forward by each and everyone in the family . The children are always so excited about it . They wait the whole year for it.

Eating-out Ritual
Whether it’s a birthday, Anniversary or the various other occasions celebrated through out the year , it’s the excitement of eating out . The family plans on sampling different cuisines . The new restaurants or eating out places are researched . It’s truly exciting.

Reunion Ritual
The re- uniting of family from different parts of the world . A school or College Alumni, its truly exhilarating. It could be at a resort or somewhere out-station. The planning around it adds to a lot of excitement 

Celebration Ritual
This is the best part . The celebration centres mainly around festivals or weddings. If it’s a destination Wedding, then the fun gets multiplied 100 fold. It’s all out and out fun . The late nights during the pre - wedding festivities. The bonding is just amazing  In the  Album of memories, you will have so much to save .

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Respecting each one’s space

Today in these trying times , every one is busy battling a lot of personal battles . The sense of normalcy is disrupted. There’s a new “ normal” which we all are getting accustomed to. Man being a social animal is cooped up more indoors . The fear and uncertainty is looming large. Everyone as a family are more together. But unfortunately, that can be a boon or a bane. Boon for sometime but could become a bane in the long run . We do need our space too. For any individual to grow and remain calm , they need a healthy mix of both . If you are not able to step out and get your space . These are some quick tips to help you out :

Allot some “Me” time
During this allotted time , see what you would like to do more . Plan or sometimes just go with the flow.

Look forward 
Have incentives for yourself. Do something which you have been longing to do . Could be a zoom call with your cousins. Connecting with your old friends. Reading your favourite book or just sitting with your mug of coffee. 

Don’t be available all the time 
The main frustration emerging today is , we are continuously available. You have to strictly draw a line. Though you are around but when it’s your time , you are not available.

Plan your day
Allot a time during the day . Don’t let your chores run into each other . If there’s going to be an overload, there is bound to be frustration. You might feel you’ve been working dawn to dusk and yet no break . If you want some time, then you’ll have to work on time management as well.

Let it go
When you have not been able to do something, don’t stress. Let it go . There’s always a tomorrow and a beautiful morning to work it out . 

Replace negativity with positivity 
I know easier said then done . Sometimes you might be on the verge of screaming your lungs out . Take a deep breath . Drink some water . Try remembering some happy moments. It definitely lifts your mood . Listen to some calming music . It will go a long way in lifting your mood .

Remember you are not alone ! The whole world is in it together. And very soon , we’ll all come out of it together. Keep the spirit going my friends . Stay safe . Stay blessed 😊

Leila’s Europe sojourn continues

Leila landed in Milan . They headed straight to Grand hotel et de Milan. It was cosy , charming and beautiful. They were there just for 3 days . They wanted to pack a lot in these three days . They headed straight out to Quadrilatero d’Oro . It was an exhilarating experience. Time just flew . Then they headed out for an early dinner to EdA Milano. It was dramatically done up exquisite Italian restaurant. Contrasting reds and blacks produced a glamorous effect . They went back and planned the next 2 days . They did some sight seeing , more shopping and tasted some 
They had a authentic Italian Gourmet dishes. Leila sat at night and told Arad in detail about how her day was . They exchanged notes . Planning more things about their wedding . Leila landed in Paris . Just there for 2 days. They stayed at four seasons hotel George v Paris . The day just flew . They took an overnight River swine cruise . They enjoyed themselves thoroughly. Living each moment in It’s full glory . She missed Arad terribly in Paris . She wished Arad was with her . She promised herself that she would make a trip with Arad here sometime next year . They had a lovely meal at the Shabestan - Champs-Élysées. They had at Epicure , which was a Haute French restaurant. The trip was sadly coming to an end . But the girls were delighted . They got a lot of ideas for the bridal shower and the other pre- wedding dinners . They were going back with heads full of ideas . Stay tuned for Leila’s bridal shower at the caspian .

Monday, July 27, 2020

Challenges of a mom during the pandemic

Mom the word itself implies a multi faceted role player . From the time her feet hit the ground , she’s literally on her feet . Combating various situations during the day . The challenges during the pandemic have grown . It’s definitely not easy . So many roles being juggled and yet keeping her sanity intact . She’ a cook, chauffeur, cleaner , friend , counsellor , confidant all rolled in one. For her family the SOS button at all times . Just a few tips for the loving mothers :

you matter too
I know Mother’s selflessly are busy taking care of their families and things around them . They are born with this instinct . Remember in the bargain don’t forget yourselves. You come first . Take out that so required “MeTime”. It will go a long way in maintaining your equilibrium.

Whether it’s retail therapy , friend therapy , coffee therapy and my favourite coined term” chocolate therapy . It’s very important. Whatever makes you feel happy . Once in a while treat yourself too. How you like to treat your children. Treat the inner child in you too.

Me time
Such a commonly used word . How many of us actually practice this . We all do deserve it . Don’t feel guilty . If it’s a long soak , a head massage , a evening given to Netflix or Amazon prime . It’s fine . No mood to cook . Just read your favourite book . Excellent!!! One night a snack dinner or a take - away won’t do any harm . Please give yourself that time .

Recharge your batteries
Earlier before the pandemic, wouldn’t we all allot few hours on the weekend for ourselves. After that we wouldn’t we be geared  up for the week ahead . So what’s stopping you now from doing the same . Take out time . If you are still needing that time . Take it ! I would say grab it with both hands . We need it more now .

Drive and music 
This is what I love to do the most . Just drive around with my favourite music for sometime. Treat myself, incidentally , which I love doing the most . I buy an ice- cream or a chocolate bar . Believe me , it works like magic . 

All you lovelies out there . Each one of you is special. You matter . So start doing things you would do for someone , who’s special and matters the most . Stay blessed. Stay safe 😊

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Armour of Hope

she wore her scars effortlessly 
Decorated it deep in her soul

Her eyes carried a fighting brilliance 
Her breath expelled freedom 

She garbed herself in Joy 
Wore an armour of hope 

Deep within rested a chaotic spirit 
But for the world she stood 
Poised and perfectly put together 

Her armour of hope Adorned 
Her being every single morning 

It had merged deep into her soul 
Long ago , she had buried her scars

Deep within the vestiges of  soul
Rested her radiant , joyous spirit 

The scars forgotten long ago 
Once the armour of hope 
Was adorned surreptitiously  

Tips to boost your morale during the Pandemic

True ! These are trying times . Each one is going through something. Some have lost their loved ones . Some are seeing their loved ones battle for life . Some are battling emotional storms . Some are facing life threatening situations.
Yes! The threat is there . How do you manage your sanity in all this ?

Few tips to boost your morale during the pandemic:

Stay calm 
I know what you’ll are thinking.  Easier said then done . During the stormiest phase , staying calm is what keeps us going. Many a solutions pop up when you are calm and collected .

Stay positive 
It’s very easy to slip into a negative frame of mind . Expecting the worst . At this time if you bring out your positivity from your inner reserves . It will keep you sane throughout your journey.

Stay happy 
Feel that something wonderful is about to happen. Look for little joys . Little treats and pleasures keep us happy and motivated . The joy we feel deep within keeps us excited . Excitement is quintessential for our living

Feel good factor
Every morning dress for the day . Dress in your best .  You are dressing for yourself. When you dress well, your being also feels joyous . The urge to do better strikes within us.

Stay connected 
Connect with people you care . Drop a text , call send a positive message . Make people cared and wanted.

Humour is the essence of a fruitful motivated day . Always wake up with a smile 😊. Smile improves your mindset and makes you look forward to the day . Learn to laugh it out .

Stay hydrated 
Most essential . Keep yourself hydrated at all times . 

We are in this journey together. Let’s lend our support to each other to move ahead and fight it out .
Yes! We can do it together. We shall overcome some day . Deep in my heart I do believe. Stay blessed. Stay safe 

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Leila’s Europe sojourn begins

They landed in Italy at noon . They were driven straight to Hotel grand Minerva . Florence was beautiful. On their way they saw beautiful Structures. Old Architecture reflected in every nook and corner . Preserved so beautifully. After all the birth place of Michael Angelo. The hotel was beautiful. They unwinded relaxed and after a quick lunch set out for shopping . They found a few things . But came back early as they were exhausted. They had an early dinner and decided to have coffee by the pool. It was a relaxing evening by the pool. They sat listening to live Italian music . They enjoyed the after dinner Italian coffee . Then headed straight to bed . Next day they had to pack quite a bit . They had breakfast at Caffe Gilli. Then headed out to via de’ Tornabuoni. They headed out to Gustarium . A perfect lunch place . They wanted to see some good Italian jewellery store . They went straight to Angela Caputi . They found the most exquisite jewellery there . They had a long day . They headed back to the hotel . It was truly exciting . Next morning they were going to the museum to see some of  Michael Angelo’s works . Next morning they headed out to the museum and were there almost till noon . They headed out for a quick lunch to Fattoria Rossi Firenze . It was Famous for their salads . The food and ambience was excellent. They had a lovely time . They strolled around for sometime by the town square . Window shopping and went for coffee to finisterrae. They were going for an Italian opera tonight. They didn’t want to be late for that . They went back rested for a while and headed out for the opera . They were lost in it . It took them to an altogether different plane . They came back and crashed . Next day they were flying to Milan . Keep tuned in for their trip to Milan.

Friday, July 24, 2020

A selfless Gesture

This is a true incident. It happened with me today . But what left a lasting impact was the selfishness of supposedly the polished ones . And the true selflessness of what we call the lesser literates . I had left my home in a jovial mood . Planning to run a few errands on the way . Was mentally compiling my to do list , which I usually do . As I was driving down towards my old house, where I used to live till 6 months ago . A lot of memories are attached with that place . Specially, their every Friday vegetable market . Many vendors are known. So as I was passing , some greeted with a wave , some with a smile . Beckoning me to stop by . As I was contemplating , my next move . On my right few scooterists had jammed the road . Which as we all know is the norm in Hyderabad, the attitude goes “ Sab chalta hai”. There was an Innova  coming from the opposite side. Two supposedly polished gentleman. But who knew they were wolves in the garb of sheep . I requested them , showing signs of moving and navigating. They did not even bother to wait a second. Recklessly hitting my right back fender and driving away in a tearing hurry . I was so furious and angry. Just got down from the car . Locked it and trying to see if they had stopped ahead . Meanwhile a vegetable vendor , a young girl , who was watching all this . Came up to me quickly and said “ madam I think they have stopped ahead she said . You must go and check . I agreed with her . But what touched me the most was , at that time , she had 3 customers lined up to buy her veggies . She quickly instructed her brother to take over and walked with me till the end of the road . We both searched but no sign of the car . I came back dejected. I was so upset , I didn’t even speak to her as I was walking back. She respected my silence . When I came back towards my car . She quietly said to me “ madam I’ll be on the look out for that car .I thanked her and while driving away , suddenly remembered I had asked her to pack few veggies for me . I forgot to take it from her . I hadn’t paid her , but what kept coming back to me was, in all this . She did not remind me once about taking the veggies from her . In fact she respected the fact that I was upset . Left her customers and spent her valuable time in trying to trace the fugitive car . If Education teaches us to be selfish , arrogant, proud and overbearing ? Who needs to be literate . My thoughts only run back to that girl , who stood by me quietly through my Turmoil . Life is funny , people from different walks of life touch us at different times . During this pandemic, I had thought people would learn to be more humane and humble . But today ‘s episode has left me bitter again . In life , truth is very few people will stand by you . Keep those close . I’m going to go Back next Friday and thank the girl in person. I owe her that much atleast . 

Thursday, July 23, 2020

God’s own fairy tale

He made a giant book 
Of fairy tales
Called Earth

He filled various characters
Called Human beings 

He made different stories 
For each of them 

Some happy , some sad
Some a mix of both 

He added humour 
A bit of humility 
Compassion in some

After his book was completed 
He got it published 

And then Earth was created 
His book of fairy tales

And the journey of each of 
His characters, stories begun

Some were wistful
Some thankful 
Some cheerful 
Some sorrowful 

But they all loved him
He ended the book 

Wrote a conclusion saying 
All of you are mine
You all belong to me
You are all equally special
Never Doubt that
I love each one of you 
The same I love the other

So, that’s how the giant 
Book of fairy tales 
Called Earth 
Came into being 

What Love looks like

Down beneath thy smouldering eyes
In the warm whisper of your breath 
In the softness of your gaze
Was that love?

As the night dimmed
In the dimming gaze 
Of you fanning lashes
Did I find love 

The soft white glow 
Of your translucent 
Porcelain Finished Beauty

Did I find my love

As the glow of my love 
Enveloped you in a tight hug
Our breaths merged 
In the oneness of our beings 

Yes! My being did finally 
Find the eternal love
The love ! Which I searched 
For nearly an eternity 

Finally! My search was over
Love ! Did look like her
Pure ! innocently ! Divinely beautiful 
The mirage of selfless love!

Love like I had dreamt
Was in its truest form
Breathing ! Smiling 
And filling me with 
The most purest of truth

Yes! love looked like her 

Leila’s surprise shopping trip

As Leila came down for breakfast. She was greeted with the most wonderful surprise. Her parents sat across from her . They gave her their most mysterious smiles . Upon being asked, they both uttered in unison “ Get ready for your trip to Europe “ . She looked at them in shock “Europe! She exclaimed. Yes ! They said . Then they slowly told her that along with her 3 friends , they had planned her surprise shopping trip . They were leaving tomorrow morning. Paris , Greece and Italy . It was her shopping trip cum their last All girls trip. She excitedly started packing . Some more things had to be done . She finalised her wedding invite . Called Arad . He was happy but said that he was going to miss her tons . The day flew . By the time , she realised , it was time for her flight . she sat in the aircraft, ready to take - off along  with her friends . They were so excited. So many plans underway on how they would shop and spend time together. Exploring Europe together. Their excitement knew no bounds . Bon voyage ! Stay tuned for the Europe sojourn.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Saj gayee kainat

Saj gayee kainat 
Roshan huwa jahan 
Zarre , zarre ne kaha
Aaj hai Aqade , Fatima Zehra 

Chale barati bann kar 
Suraj , chaand Aur sitaare
Mehki Fizza saaree
Kiski hai Baarat

Dulha tha Maulude kaaba
Dulhan thi umme Abeeha
Kiya Nabuwat ne
Imamat ka isteqbaal

Sitaare the Intezaam me
Chaand Aur Suraj the Baratee
Phoolan ne Mehkaee Fizza 
Kyun ke tha Maula e kainat 
Ka Aqd 

 Aqade bibi fatima Zehra 
Aur Muskul koo shah e
Do jahan , Faatahe khaybr 
Ho Mubarak aap Sab ko 

Leila’s excitement begins

After the Engagement, there was only excitement. Her friends started planning from next morning. The guest lists were made . The series of pre- wedding functions . Dress Designers were called in . The appointment with the jewellers. Her cousins from abroad, were all coming down for the wedding. The food trials were lined up . For Leila the most important was the Dessert Menu . Her favourite was chocolate. She had asked the chef  for a special tailor made dessert for her Reception. Mars , caramelised chocolate biscuit with a toffee topping . Her friends started with the dance practice for the bridal shower . Her favourite DJ was being called in for the cocktail dinner and dance. She was so caught up , that she hardly got a chance to speak to Arad . There were so many missed calls and unanswered messages . Finally at night she got some time to herself. Arad was a bit upset with her . But then everything was ironed out between them. They both fell into the conversation of planning for their wedding. The excitement has just begun in both the households ... stay tuned ... Much  more to follow in the coming weeks😊.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Emotional well-being checklist

A short , quirkly fun list :

1) A positive mindset 
2) A strong mug of Humour
3) A plate full of smiles
4) A bag full of laughs 
5) A dish full of love 
6) A bowl full of care
7) A strong cup of compassion 
8) A baked dish of care , slightly over baked , if possible
9) All the above have to be sprinkled with a lot of friends and family time 
10) Last but not the least sprinkled and garnished with a lot of prayers 
11) A huge serving of “ Me time” Which could be compensated for dessert

Always feel like something wonderful is going to happen . Just spend time with you and Discover the new “ you” . Unfortunately for which we never had time for before . Stay blessed, stay smiling , stay strong.  There are paths yet to be discovered, Destinations yet to be traveled 😊.

Mesmerising Eyes

In those tawny depths
I lost my all
They spoke to me 
From their pooling depths

I stood mesmerised 
In their first glance
I could see the moon standing 
In due attendance 

The stars sparkled extra bright 
That dark luminicient midnight
O’ you soul lanterns
You help me , see deep into 
Her mesmerising soul

I a vagabond , Nomad
Caught in the magical spell
Of those, Now have lost
My dear freedom, to yours 
Just your , mesmerising depths

O’ Mesmerising Gentle lass
Leave me free!
Or join me in my journey
Let’s journey together!

Far and beyond
In the magic spell
Of woven love

Let’s tread there 
Where the Gypsies
Left it bare and untouched 
Now I’m an eternal prisoner 
Of yours! 

A slave of those mesmerising 
Tawny Depths ,
My eyes are bereft of sleep
My dreams are only of 
Thy eyes , Set me free 

From my dreams !
Let slumber take me 
In its gentle lap

O’ You tawny 
Mesmerising eyes
I plead with thee 
Set me free!!!

Monday, July 20, 2020

Arad and Leila’s Engagement

Leila was so happy . Arad was ecstatic. He was literally walking on the clouds . His one wish had been granted . He had finally got Leila . He looked Dapper in his Armani suit . Ready for his engagement. There was so much noise in the house . Out on the lawns . The family had gathered for lunch . They were arranging the trays to be taken to Leila’s house . At Leila’s place , there was equal fervour . There was so much excitement. Her friends were getting the house decorated . Her things were being laid out . The lawns were being set up for the function . The florists were doing up the place . The caterer’s were busy . It was just so much excitement. In the evening the place looked breathtakingly beautiful with the lamps lending a deep glow . The shadowey darkness was adding to it . Leila looked so beautiful. She was dressed in a beautiful golden gown. Rubies Adorning her throat and ears . The glow in her eyes was unmatched. Her eyes sparkled of their own will . Arad came with his family . There were almost 350 guests . The place was buzzing with excitement. The engagement finally took place . A beautiful solitaire rested on Leila’s finger . Adding to the glow and sparkle . They were inseparable. They just had eyes for each other. There was a lovely live band . Creating a beautiful symphony. Belting out beautiful romantic numbers . It was a perfect evening. The wedding date was fixed after 2 months . They both knew they had a lot of work before the wedding. But the excitement was palpable. The night ended beautifully . Stay tuned for the pre- wedding festivities... More to follow .

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Arad and Leila finally unite

Azar had the most hurtful expression . He looked at Leila in deep hurtful silence . Leila said tearful eyes “ I’m sorry “. I never meant to hurt you . I’m Helpless too. I don’t know how it happened. “. She went on to explain everything. They parted promising to be friends. They hugged each other and put an end to their short lived relationship. Leila emerged a happier woman . She sat in the car and called Arad . In the mood to tease him a little. Arad picked up on the first ring . He immediately asked “ what happened “. Leila said in a very somber tone . He didn’t agree . There was a deep silence at the other end . Leila could not keep quiet any longer . She gave a trilling laugh .She said Azar ended the relationship. They parted as friends. Azar was the happiest . He gave a loud shout of joy . He said we are coming on Friday and will finalise the wedding date . Stay tuned for the festivities.


Un pe pehli nazr jab tharee
Toh unki nazroan ne
Yeh inayeth pharmaya ki
Phasane zindagi badal di
Mere Iss fitoor ne 

Main thera musafir
Chala tha apni manzil par
Kya pata tha Ek Nazr ki
Tapish, Badlegi Meri manzil

Unki ek nazr ne 
Badl di , Meri unwaane zindagi
Main bechara ,ab tak 
Ghaflat mein jee raha tha

Meri manzil ko badlne wale
Ek baar, Mohabbat se toh
Apni manzil ka patta de 

Thahr gayee Meri zindagi 
Uss mod par kahin
Jahan aap ki Nazraiein
Huwi mujjse Rooh Ba Rooh

An yeh fitoor ban chuka hai
Mera muqadar, Rashk hai 
Mujhe Apne muqadar par
Ki Aisa fitoor bhi toh
Sab ko nahi hota mayassar

Shireen Haider

Gile ( Jawab -E- Shikwae)

Woh hum se kuch 
Iss Tarah huwe pesh
Ke hum sonchte
Hi rah Gaye 
Ki Akhir shikwae 
Mere the ya un ke

Mere shikwaoan ke abr mein
Woh apni , Dheemi si 
Madham si, muskurahat liye
Aa kar kahin chup se Gaye 

Mujhe apne Ehsaas mein
Iss Tarah , se bheego Diya 
Jaise Tarannum, se bheegi 
Har khoobsurat si subah

Mere shikwaoan par Woh 
Muskuraa gaye
Unke Ankhon ki chamak 
ne mere honth see diye 

Bas Akhri baar pooch baithe
Hai Aur kuch shikwae
Dobara sonchne pe Mai 
Ho Gayee Amaada

Shikwae mere bhi 
Unke kab hogaye
Kya ab yeh shikwae
Bhi mere na rahe

Kya Khabar  thi
Ki mere shikwae
Bhi be Wafa ho

Saturday, July 18, 2020


shikwae the be hisaab
Insaan tha Asooda 
Manzil thi door 

Jab shikwae silahi se
Likhe Gaye paanoan par
Toh panoan pe Safar taye huwa
Un be hisaab shikwaon ka

Jab kaagaz ban Gaya Korah kaagaz
Toh Lab bhi sil se Gaye 
Dil bhi kaagaz ke manind 
korah, korah se lage

Sukhe pattoan ki tarah
Zindagi shikwae bhi 
Zarre, zarre mein 
Beecha di

Makhmali zakmoan ki sage par
Shikwae gulab ki pankhriyoan 
Ki tarah saj Gaye 

Kohr mein zindagi ke
Har Ehsaas e Dil 
Kuch kohra, kohra se lagne laga

Hai ! Aaj iss duniya ke kohr mein
Shireen ne bhi ,Kya Kya paya
Kohra , kohra sa

Shireen Haider

Friday, July 17, 2020


A simple four letter word . But so impactful and powerful.” I care for you “. A simple phrase like this , doesn’t it make you feel at the top of the world . What does a person or an individual truly want in life . Is the materialistic things or just to be cared . Loved for how and what he or she is . In today’s times we are pumped with vitamins and hordes of self care techniques and suggestions . Social media is flooded with a dime to the dozen . What truly touches me is a simple , honest loving message or my loved ones . That in today’s times , with man running their lives like machines . In this mechanical make believe world , the most honest emotion is to be truly loved and cared . We might do a lot of self care work but tell me honestly . An evening spent with your friends over coffee ? Isn’t it way better than retail therapy . Connectiong with people who matter . Laughing , listening, just being there for each other 

Arad and Leila torn apart

Leila was left there standing , without getting a chance to complete her sentence . She went to her favourite coffee shop and asked zahare to come there too. She poured her heart out to her . Just then zahare got an invite from Kaashan for a reknowened exhibition. She pleaded with Leila to come along with her . Next morning they both left . It was a beautiful drive , they stopped for tea . Picked up the yummy baskets of cherries on the way . It was a beautiful, pleasant day . The exhibition was beautiful. After spending an eventful day , they were heading back . Zahare dropped Leila, extracting a promise from her to meet again tomorrow. Leila was actually feeling better . She had a smile on her lips as she entered the house . But her smile was short lived . She saw Azar sitting with her father . Her father looked grim . He saw me and said “ you better speak to Azar alone “. My heart sank . Azar did not make any small talk . He came straight to the point . He said Mummy is keen for an early wedding. How would 2 months from now be for you . In my hearts of  hearts I said , i will never be ready . I realised then Azar would have to listen to what she had thought of . She could do nothing . They would never be happy with each other . I took a deep breath and said “ Azar I cannot marry you “.... Azar had the most hurtful expression in his eyes . Stay tuned for more. 

Thursday, July 16, 2020

The scars of childhood

Beach love

Sequel to crossroads


Sands of Time

Tender Happiness

Love at first sight

Sweet Lavenders sequel-2

Sweet Lavenders sequel -1

sweet Lavenders

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Arad’s Anguish

Arad sat still. He was so worried. Just then his mother came into the room . Questioned him . He explained the whole situation to her . She assured him that all will work out in the end . Don’t worry . Have faith and keep praying. Arad started praying like never before. At any cost , he wanted Leila in his life . This was one thing he had honestly prayed and asked for . After almost getting Leila, fate couldn’t be so cruel . She couldn’t be snatched away from him . Leila was leaving the hospital. When Azar came in . They exchanged a few words and then she left for Home . Leila went home 
and spoke to Arad for sometime. She had just gone to sleep . When she was woken up by the shrill ringing of the phone . It was Azar . His father had taken a turn for the worst . They rushed to the hospital. They were there till the first streaks of dawn . Then came home and slept for sometime. Azar’s father peacefully passed away in his sleep . The next few days passed away in a blur . Leila was getting more and more anxious by the passing minute . There Azar’s Mother was hinting again and again for an early wedding. Finally Leila found an opportunity and told Azar that she had to tell him something very important. Just as Leila was explaining to Azar . His brother ‘s call came saying his mother had fainted . Azar rushed , leaving Leila in mid - sentence ... stay tuned for more 

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

An ode to pain

This word brings tears in many a eyes
Many a hearts are glistened with it

Many an experience is 
Decorated with it

Yet it is the most sought after
Which human in this world 
Is not err with it
Marked with it

Yet why do we run from you
Pain smiled and answered 

o’ you gentle being 
You belong not to this world 

You belong somewhere in 
The yonder

Because how then would you 
Welcome me !
This world has shunned me 

They say you bring tears 
You take away my joy 

But little do they realise 
O’ gentle being 
I make them stronger 
For the journey 
Called Life 

Monday, July 13, 2020

Ek nawaazish e karam

Ya Rabb duniya sirf
Aapki ek nazare karam
Ki hai mohtaj

Aastaane pe aapke
Ya parwardigar
Yeh arzoo le kar
Apne Dil mei

Ki aaj mere 
Rab ki ek 
Nazr e karam 
Nazr mein mil jaaye

Jab aapke Dar par
Thak kar baith gayee 
Toh ek awaaz aayee

Na ho aasooda 
Himmate Mardaan
Sher E yazdaan
La fattha illa Ali
La saif Ila Zulfiqar 

Yeh sun kar
Sukoon e qalb paa kar
Chali shireen apni manzil 
Par dobara 

Magar iss baar 
Saath mein
Himmat E Ali 
Har qadam per
Usske hum raah 

Bas ek nigahe karam
Ne  bana di tah Umar 
uski himmat 

Shireen Haider

Leila ‘s Turmoil

Her father just kept staring at her . Lost for few seconds. Leila ‘s Heart was in her throat . Finally her father smiled . Leila felt herself take a deep relaxing breath . He said “ Leila it’s your life “. Do whatever your heart tells you to do . After all you are the one , who has to spend her life with him. If you think it’s Arad who’ll make  you happier , then it shall be Arad . Leila was the happiest . Just as her father decided to call Azar ‘s father . His phone rang . He answered it and got up from his chair in grave concern . He hung up the phone and turned towards Leila and said “ Azar ‘s father is in the ICU. He had a massive heart attack . Leila’s heart sank . She quickly rushed with her father to the hospital . They sat out with Azar and his family . Finally the doctor came out after sometime and said keep praying for him . Azar’s Mother looked up and told Leila” He was so excited about yours and Azar ‘s wedding “ . Leila’s heart sank further . She and her father exchanged a look . Just then Arad’s message came . “What happened , I’m so worried “. Leila was torn . She didn’t know what to do . Just then the nurse came out and said “ he’s becoming more critical . Leila’s world was sinking . What do you think happens next ... stay tuned 

Saturday, July 11, 2020

A calmer mindset

A calmer mindset 
The corona cases world wide are escalating. There is a deep rooted fear within each one . One thing that I have realised is , a positive mindset will eventually take each one of us through this . The fear in people is the isolation . That they are somehow totally on their own .Please don’t feel like that . I humbly request people to be there with their friends and relations at this difficult times . It’s very simple , drop a text , pray , call them. Man is a social animal . If he’s isolated, that’s when the fear of the unknown sets in . Believe this phase will pass. Keep being positive and keep praying. Remember he has taken many a people out from this . Don’t lose your faith and positivity . He will grant you with an undeniable strength . Stay blessed all of you . Let’s hope for the best . Let’s keep the citizens of the world in our prayers . Sending a lot of prayers , positivity and healing energy . Don’t worry every century has battled with it . They came out emerging victorious . We will all fight it . Good  morning beautiful souls

Stay positive

In the time of chaos 
Stay positive 

When everything looks impossible 
The only possibility is staying positive

When the tunnel is dark
The only light is positivity 

When nothing is clear 
Everything looks blurred
The clarity then is 
Your insurmountable positivity

Stay positive at all times
And the times will turn positive

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Leila ‘s Dilemma

Leila went back to Tehran with a heavy heart . She sat pondering throughout her flight . How had she fallen in love with Arad . She drive home from the airport straight to her office . Her ritual since years . After dropping the papers and briefing her staff , She went home . As she was entering her house . She met her cousin at the entrance. Her childhood cousin . Zahare. They were inseparable always. She quickly took her aside and said I have to tell you something very important. Hearing them at the entrance, her mother came out to meet her . They both went inside, sat with her parents for sometime. Then she went up , freshened up and left with zahare again . They sat at their favourite restaurant. Leila poured her out . Zahare sat quietly for sometime and then said “ You have to tell your parents the truth . You’ll never be happy with Azar . Leila and zahare spoke for some more time . Then they both left separately. Leila went home determined to tell her parents everything. As she was entering , her fiancée was already there . She wished him . Then pleading a headache went up to her room. Just then Arad’s message beeped . In all this confusion, she had forgotten to text him . She called him . He sounded very worried . She assured him that she was going to try and speak to her parents tomorrow. Next day at breakfast, She mustered the courage and told her father everything. Her father just kept looking at her . What do you think happens . Keep tuned to know.....

Monday, July 6, 2020

Arad’s dream continues

Arad could hardly sleep . He was so excited. The woman who he had been dreaming of every night . Had actually been with him in flesh and blood . He had held her in his arms , danced with her . He looked up and uttered a silent prayer . He dreamed of her and with a smile on his lips he fell asleep. The next morning he woke up very excited . He took extra trouble to dress and finally left the house around 11.30. He drove straight to the hotel .He entered the hotel and found her right in the foyer waiting for him. They both discussed few things and headed out . Arad took her and showed her few things . She wanted to buy a few filigree ring . They selected a beautiful one and headed out straight for lunch . They had a wonderful time together. The afternoon came to an end . He took her back to the hotel and promised to join her back for dinner .  Arad was happy after a long time. He went home rested for a while and again stared getting ready for dinner. Tonight was a very big formal event . Arad meanwhile called his jeweller and asked him to pack the other ring . Leila had liked one more but said it didn’t fit in her budget . Arad wanted to gift it to her . He swung by the jeweller, picked up the ring and drove straight to the hotel. He looked drop dead handsome tonight.  As he was entering the hotel, he saw Leila entering the hall. She looked so beautiful. More beautiful than his dreams had brought her to him again and again. She wore a golden long shift gown . Her ears and throat were dressed in a beautiful ruby and gold pendant . He could feel the velvet box safely nestled in his pocket . Leila turned and looked straight in his eyes . Arad slowly walked towards her . They both entered the hall together. Arad spent the whole beautiful evening by her side . They were glued to each other . Finally the evening ended and Arad offered to walk her to her room . She invited him in for coffee. They both sat and had coffee .Then Arad cleared his throat and told Leila “ Leila I have to tell you something.” Leila told him to go ahead . Arad started from the beginning, how he had seen her a year ago . Since then he hadn’t been able to get her out of the system. He was crazily in love with her . Leila sat stunned . She had tears in her eyes . Leila cleared her throat and said “ I’m sorry Arad” . I’m really touched by your love but . Arad got panicky he asked in a rush” but what Leila . Don’t you like me “. She said “ I do “ but I’m already engaged. Arad asked her if she loved her fiancée . She said  no . It’s mostly been decided by the family and I have no say . Arad asked her to convince her parents to give them a chance . Leila very reluctantly agreed... what do you think happens next .. will Leila be able to convince her parents. Stay tuned for the next sequel .

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Arad’s dream comes true

The day dawned bright and sunny . Arad was still feeling good in his dream world . He didn’t want to come out of it . It was beautiful and so real . Alas! He had already shut the alarm thrice . He glanced at the alarm clock on his bedside “ ohh God ! It was already 9. He quickly got ready . Rushed through the morning at a breakneck speed . He skipped breakfast and drove directly to the hotel . He had a very important conference lined up with some other hoteliers from all over Iran and Turkey . He walked in immaculately dressed in his slate grey business suit . He looked too handsome, of course as usual he was oblivious to that fact . The staff wished him as he sailed through them and went directly into his office . He called for his papers and of course a strong cup of coffee . He quickly glanced through the papers and went in straight to the conference hall. Most of them were all there . They were just waiting for the representative from one of the hotels . The reason sighted was the flight had got delayed . Just then the door swung open . As Arad turned towards the door . He was godsmacked in his gut . He looked shocked . The beautiful brown eyes were done up more beautifully. She marched in with confidence . Beautiful glossy brown hair , in waves greeted her back . She wore a beautiful tailored outfit in red and black . Her persona smelled of power . Arad wanted to forget everything and just take her in his arms and whisk her away to a beautiful place . He went through the motions of the meeting mechanically . Finally, when it came to an end . He breathed a sigh of relief . Tonight there was a party at the hotel , in honour of the guests . He caught her alone and spoke to her . She introduced herself as Leila. They spoke for sometime and then headed for lunch . While he was busy conversing and entertaining others . He suddenly found out that Leila had gone to her room. He left and went home . As he was driving back ,he thought of his dream last night . He didn’t think in his wildest dreams that today she would be standing in front of him.. He reached home and tried resting for sometime. He was too excited. He took a long warm bubble bath , but to no avail. He tried listening to soothing music , nothing was working today. He was too restless and tried pacing up and down . Finally it was close to the time, when he had to leave . He dressed in a black tuxedo. Looking breathtakingly handsome . He reached the hotel in no time . The music was soft . Mocktails and hor’deavures were doing the rounds. Dainty prawn and shrimps sautéed in special mushroom sauce . Chicken  dipped and layered in cheese n jalapeño sauce . One finger food was more delicious than the other . Arad  was restlessly waiting for her . Why hadn’t she come yet .  Then just as he was thinking what to do , she walked in . He kept looking at her . She wore a beautiful long outfit in royal blue . Enhancing her colour to perfection. Her make up was carefully applied . Arad gave her time to meet others . When she came closer to him . Arad spoke to her and subtly manipulated her away from the crowd . They spoke for a long time. They were oblivious to the world around them . Arad asked Leila for a dance . They danced on few numbers. Had dinner . Then again got busy meeting others . Finally the part came to an end . Arad extracted a promise from Leila for meeting him tomorrow... till tomorrow comes ... stay tuned 

Thursday, July 2, 2020


It was raining heavily . A fierce storm was going to break out very soon . Arad finished his meeting and rushed to his car . He enjoyed driving back from his Hotel . It had just won the best hospitality Award . The Arad group of Hotels . He was usually a very humble person, but today he felt like giving himself some credit . He had his favourite music on . Singing while driving . Enjoying the drive . He came from a close knit family . The eldest of 3 siblings. His father had taken an early retirement and  came occasionally to check . He was running the entire business along with his younger brother. His sister was studying in the u.k . As he drove towards home set in the north of Mashhad. He was suddenly feeling very hungry . He imagined chelo kabab, his mom’s recipe , which was unmatched. Waiting hot n ready for him. He drove into the driveway. The door was opened and he went straight to his room to freshen up . Then came down had dinner with his family. Sat and spoke to them for a while . As he was walking upto his room. Suddenly he remembered her and halted at the stairs . Lost deep in his thoughts . He walked towards his room . As he lay in bed . He remembered it so clearly. He was rushing towards the terminal, already late for his flight to Geneva . She bumped into him with her luggage . They both apologised to each other. He had not seen such a beautiful woman ever . There was something so striking about her . He kept staring into her beautiful almond shaped brown eyes . She had the most beautiful flawless skin . She was quite tall . He was close to 6’1 and she must have easily been 5’8. She wore flat moccasins and very tastefully dressed . There was something so sophisticated and elegant about her . He still couldn’t forget her . It was almost a year . Would he ever get to meet her again . With this thought , he fell asleep . Sometimes the cosmos  gets to work immediately. It all depends on how strong you intend. Little did Arad know, that less than 24 hours later . His one heartfelt wish , the love of his life would be right in front of him.  To be continued.....

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Samundar ki leharoan mein

Samundar ki leharoun mein 
Kya kuch paa liya shireen ne 
Dhoondti apni khushi shireen
Kabhi leharoaun mein
Kabhi raat ki Haseen khamoshi mein
Apne sukoon ki talaash mein 
Samundar ke kinaare pe baithi
Ek sukoon E khalb mila 
Zindagi ka phalsafa samjhti huwi 
Leharoaun mein, sab kuch paa liya shireen ne 
Muskurahatein chodhti leharoaun ke darmiyan
Chal padi unwan e zindagi dhundti huwi

Shireen Haider 

Miran’s Honeymoon

Love is a beautiful thing thought Simone as she sat buckled up in the aircraft . Surging towards her dream destination. Yes! They were going to Paris for their honeymoon. They went to a beautiful cottage . All to themselves. It was tastefully done . They had a wonderful time there . It was their own little paradise , cut away from the rest of the world . They did a bit  of sight seeing . Long walks . They did what they felt like . Miran pampered her to no end . He made breakfast for her every morning. Indulged her in every which way . They dined at exotic restaurants. Sipped coffee at the best coffee shops. It couldn’t be more beautiful. As Simone looked at Miran . She felt , she had been given the best gift . Their happily ever after continued we’ll into the future . Their love multiplied by the minute . Their love still going strong 😊So the fairy tale did actually continue for Simone and Miran .

Welcome June

 A beautiful new month! Aspiring to bring in new aspirations. Where there are aspirations there are expectations. Let’s measure our breaths ...