Friday, June 5, 2020

Working from home- A working woman’s woes

As Sudha sat down to work on her presentation. She heard a loud yell from the Bedroom “ Mom can you give me something to eat” Sudha excused herself and went and told her helper “ Vimla thoda baba ke liye kuch bana do”. She sat down again and barely typed a word . When the doorbell peeled . Her husband Vinay called out” Sudha Just see the door . She got up again. She came back to Sit again. This time it was Vimla from the kitchen “ Didi aata Khatam ho Gaya . She wanted to beat her head against the wall in frustration . She said “ koi baat nahi chawal bana do “. Barely had She sat down again . When Vinay came out overhearing the conversation and said . But Sudha I’m On a diet . I can’t eat rice . I need phulkas . She calmly turned around and said “ well we don’t have a choice now . Since there is no flour , you’ll have to make do with rice “. He sulked ,  grumbling “ she should  have seen to it earlier “   More Organised” Meanwhile Sudha handling the presentation “ Mam can we go ahead with the last bit . Poor Sudha had not heard a word between the catastrophe of aata finishing , running to the door and listening to her husband ‘s glowing praises about her . She asked them to repeat . Suddenly again a scream from the bedroom “ mom there’s a cockroach under the bed” Sudha wanted to scream . She calmly said “ why don’t you ask Dad to help you “ Dad came out grumbling and said “ I’m working “ That’s when Sudha lost it . She asked him” what do you think I’m doing ???  Hatching eggs . Sudha picked up her laptop , her handbag, car keys n door keys and said . See you on Friday evening. They stood stumped .  They asked her “ How will we manage ? what about the food , asked by her loving  husband Vinay . His only concern “ Food” mind you . Once they did not say anything about missing Sudha . Just their needs She catered to . They asked her “where are you going? She said “ To hell” It’s definitely going to be more peaceful there. She told them ,you’ll just need someone to look after you’ll. Fend for yourselves now . I’m giving myself a vacation from home 😊She smiled and banged the door in her wake

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