Sunday, June 7, 2020

The heart knows it all

One morning the heart told her “ Go live your day “ . “ Do what  you feel like”
Instantly the brain like a wet blanket spooky it all. Said in his authoritarian tone” Not at all”
“ Go finish all your work first “ “ work comes first “
Quietly the heart winked and said “ Don’t listen to him , he’s a kill joy “
“You are working all the time . Take out sometime for yourself too”
She sat down confused, pondering who should she listen to .
Suddenly she decided to listen to her heart for once . She did exactly what her heart made her do . She followed her heart’s desire throughout the day . When the day ended she realised she hadn’t had so much fun in a long time . She felt alive and happy after a long time . Re- juvenated. That’s when she  realised . Somedays you have to forget everything and just live . As humans we are so conditioned all the time , to put our responsibilities at the forefront. We are so burdened with it all the time , that time and again we forget that we are humans . Live life to the fullest . Take care of your responsibilities. Don’t let the responsibilities dictate your life . If someday you don’t feel like working, just take the day off . If you want to go take a walk or just spend time in nature , do it . You want to go meet a friend, do it . Read a book , watch a movie . Spend some time with yourself. Just do it . You owe yourself that. It’s your life . Live the best way you want to 😁😁

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