Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Simone’s and Miran’s wedding

The excitement was palatable. My friends were so excited . We had late night dinners ,waltz practice . They were doing a special ball room dance sequence. It was fun and excitement all the way . My bridal gown fittings were going on . Appointments galore . Bridal shower , cocktails and dinner , an informal friends night , the wedding and then the reception. Before that was Christmas.  The month just flew . Miran had a special destination for the honeymoon, which I was clueless about . It was going to be a surprise. The dinners began . My friends from out of town , started coming in . Miran and I hardly got a chance to speak . We were both neck deep in work . Planning and arranging the wedding. My gown was breathtakingly beautiful. I just stood in awe looking at it . It was a beautiful intricate lace , with an old Parisian border and an antique hemming pattern . It was a beautiful mix of classic and modern . The dance rehearsal was an everyday affair .  Finally the wedding festivities began . Bridal shower was arranged so beautifully by my friends. We had a wonderful, fun filled evening laced with nostalgia. Cocktails and dinner saw a lot of dancing. I wore a red silk full length straight cut gown with a v neck and full length sleeves .Again a simple but classic design . Finally the day of the wedding dawned . Bright and clear . The entrance was decorated in hues of cream and pink , my favourite combination .  As I was entering the hall , Miran pulled me in the corner and said “ I want to look at my bride first “ . He then made me turn and slipped the most beautiful necklace around my throat . Ruby , diamonds and gold . He said to match with your ring . The ear - rings were beautiful tear  drops .  We entered separately. The ceremony passed in a blur and suddenly I heard “ Now you may kiss the bride “. Miran looked very happy . I think I might have looked nervous. He came close, touched my lips and said “ Relax Sweetheart, we are married, not being thrown into a dungeon . That made me laugh . Some of my colour restored . We hardly got time fo rest . Again we had to be dressed for the reception. I took a power nap  and was being taken to the parlour . I wore a wine coloured silk gown with a beautiful emerald set . One more wedding gift from Miran . I told him “ At this rate , you are going to spoil me in no time “ . He said a woman like you has to be loved all the time . And I got a deep kiss . Which I had to cut short before my make - up was completely ruined . It had been very painstakingly applied . We got ready and headed for the reception. The evening was relaxed . We danced on lovely numbers . By midnight, we were thoroughly exhausted. I reached the suite , changed and fell into his arms into a deep sleep . I was woken up by a kiss . “ Good morning Sleepy Head “ . Can you get ready . We have to leave in a hour . To catch a flight . I jumped from the bed . I said “ but I haven’t packed “ . He gave me a mischievous smile and pointed to the suitcases packed and standing by the door . I said “ but where are we going “ . He winked at me . Surprise !  To be continued 😉

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