Tuesday, June 2, 2020

She walks in Gratitude

She walks in Gratitude
She walks herself in inner Beauty
Not the beauty which is visible to the human eye
The rarest of the rare
Filled with undying compassion
Layered with empathy
Harvested with trials and tribulations
Frosted with love
Humanity swirls in her inner layers
Her inner being luminous
Her eyes seek out for something beyond
She touches souls
And hearts
Conquers many a battles with just her smile
Looks up when the trials get a little harder
Prays for mankind
Healer for many
A true friend in distress
And always has a smile for the children
Yes!! She walks in Gratitude
Gratitude for what she is
But to understand her
You have to feel her from your spirit and heart
She goes much beyond what she seems
As she walks in Gratitude

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