Monday, June 1, 2020


The need of the human is to be social . To be accepted , to be wanted , to feel loved . Man is a social animal . It might sound very cliche. The truth is in the lockdown, this was sorely missed . When we were forced into a literal hibernation. What did all of us miss out the most ? The socialising part . To fulfil this need and to be wanted . Every human wants to be wanted . Feel special . Feel like he’s important. But many a times we are so busy looking for this acceptance from outside. Whereas all along it first has to be within us ? How many times do you speak to yourself lovingly ? like the way you are ? Compliment yourself. Celebrate your achievements. I’m sure I’ll hear a lot of no’s. The day you accept yourself fully and love yourself to the hilt . You will not need any outside validation . You’ll conquer the world . You’ll be the best version of yourself. Confident and real . Good morning people. A beautiful morning.. may you’ll continue having a beautiful day too 😊

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