Monday, June 29, 2020

Miran’s Love

After my engagement in the middle of the countryside. I went to his parents house . A beautiful colonial style house, and beautifully decorated. I instantly fell in love with the house . It was exactly done up , the way I always envisaged. They were very warm and kind . We instantly took to each other. Miran never left my side . He kept whispering and asking “ Are you fine” . I hope you are not worried. I smiled and assured him again and again. Finally it was time to head back . I was given a lot of gifts , as I made my way back to the car . It was just like the fairy tale, I always read and would wish for . They say when you intend purely and send it into the universe. It’s always reciprocated. I sent a silent Thank you up . The week flew by . Miran and I we’re inseparable. He was the most attentive and loving being , I ever came across. He never made me feel alone , even when he was not with me . On Friday evening, I got a call from his mother . Inviting me to come over on Sunday for a celebratory dinner. They wanted to introduce me to their close family. Now I was truly nervous. I hardly rested on Saturday. Miran and I were out shopping. Wanting to find the perfect outfit and footwear to go with it. Finally I settled for a salmon pink long dress. Very elegant and chic . I took my own sweet time to dress and apply my make up carefully. Finally we were heading to the estate . There were almost 30 people there . But surprisingly they were all so warm, that in no time , I felt at home. The day passed. It was time for me to head back . Miran asked me in the car” How was it “ . I leaned towards him and kissed him and just said “ Thank you “. I said you make me the happiest woman. He said “ woman , marry me quickly and make me the Happiest man “ . He added with a twinkle. Then after 2 weeks our wedding date was fixed for 26 th December. The destination chosen is.... to be continued 

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