Saturday, June 27, 2020


Who knew sipping coffee and working on my story , would ultimately lead to my own real life story . I still remember clearly that beautiful morning, where it all began. It was a bright, sunny morning. I was as usual trying to pack a lot in my day , which would be over flowing to the brim and spilling over the following day . Panting and breathing heavily I entered my favourite coffee shop and my part time office . I settled at my favourite coffee table . It was named aptly “ spicy hazelnut “ . They were so attuned to my order , that I’m few minutes , my steaming  cup of hazelnut cappuccino would be resting near my laptop. That particular day I was doubly engrossed. Suddenly when I looked up , I found a mesmerising shade of green looking at my own brown ones . We looked at each other and then I looked away, back to my writers world . After sometime when  I lifted my head and myself to stretch, I found him engrossed in his work . The day came to an end . As I was leaving, I suddenly remembered, I had forgotten my car keys at the table . I turned around to go in and I bumped into him . He steadied me and instantly asked “ Is everything alright “ . I replied in the affirmative. Not exactly in the mood for a conversation. I headed out , lost in my own world . It just fell in a comfortable pattern. One morning I was in  an especially good mood. My script had been approved . My book was underway to be published . I walked  in all bright and gay . As I passed his table, he looked up and smiled , I smiled back . He said “Looks  like you have just got some good news” . Before realising, I settled in the opposite chair . I started sharing my news with him . Then in between we got down to introductions . He introduced himself as Miran . He was a Persian writer . I was half Persian too. Then the next day was a very big event for the poets club . I was being awarded a special prize . I walked in to the event all dressed up . There right in front of me , stood Miran . Looking drop dead handsome. Resplendent in his glory . He came towards me and said “ you are the most beautiful woman in this room tonight, and he added on , maybe in the entire world. I thanked him and felt myself blushing to the roots . It just so happened , we were inseparable. Next day Miran called me and invited me out for dinner . We had dinner and went for a long drive and stopped for desserts and coffee. For the next few days , we would work during the day and go out in the evenings. Sometimes for a movie , drive or just a romantic dinner . Before I could stop myself, I had fallen madly and hopelessly in love with him . But I wasn’t sure, how Miran felt about me . The next day Miran, invited me home for dinner . He said my parents would like to meet you . I was so nervous. He came and picked me up . While we were driving, he said I want to ask you something. I looked at him . He stopped the car , turned towards me and said “Simone  will you marry me please. Don’t say no . I’m madly , hopelessly in love with you.” I was so shocked, I didn’t know what to answer. He took out a beautiful velvet box , opened it and took out the most beautiful ring . It was a beautiful ruby , set in an intricate pattern of  golden roses . Incidentally, Ruby is my favourite stone too. I was overjoyed . So this is how I was proposed in the middle of the countryside... to be continued 


  1. Beautifully penned with love & emotions.

    1. Thank you 😊I’m glad you liked it . Please be tuned for the sequel


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