Friday, June 26, 2020


Love ! The most sought after
Yet the most fleeting 
If you are blessed to find the truest
Then you are truly the blessed 
Poets, to kings , to the most common
Have longed and pined for it
Truly he is the richest 
If he has found this treasure 
If it’s pure and yours
Then it just belongs to you
If you have this
You have all the riches of the world 
Many have gone in search of it
But have returned empty handed 
And empty hearted 
O’ Beautiful love ! Why though are you so difficult to be found
From which vision do I behold you
What Heart should be placed 
And gifted to thy 
Where thou do I find you
In earnest you are seeked 
And searched for 
But are gifted to just a few
O’ love your hues 
Are truly known to just a few

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