Saturday, June 20, 2020

Every cloud has a silver lining

As she looked out at the vast expanse of sea . She was so glad to have got away for sometime from the hustle bustle of the city. This place always brought a deep calm to her soul. As she walked towards the chateau, it stood majestically tall. It was surrounded by the shore , sands and the foliage. She could hear her friends waving out to her excitedly. She walked towards them, taking her own sweet time. They all sat down for breakfast. It was a lovely spread . They sat lazily talking and discussing the day. They wanted to go out for a short trip towards the outskirts. The archaeologists there , had discovered an old palace ruin. We set out After breakfast. Carrying out paraphernalia with us. The day was also not too sunny . The weather was perfect. We reached it in sometime. It was so exciting. There was a team of archaeologists working there . There was one working a little further down . He looked up and smiled . I smiled back. I was curious to know about this palace . He said it was during the time of the earthquake, when the whole city of Pompei, just disappeared. He said many skeletons were unearthed , where they were found to be doing simple , Day to day things . It was very interesting. He went on to explain the story of this palace . It was very interesting. The day just flew . The archaeologist became a good friend. We invited him to  the chateau for lunch the next day . The next morning I woke up to a beautiful soulful song . I quickly changed and went in search of the singer . A young boy was busy singing. I just stood listening to him. He looked at me and stopped. I urged him to continue. He smiled and said “ Mam it’s enough for today “. He went on . Later on in the day when we had lunch with the archaeologist, I happen to mention about the boy . After lunch we decided to go to a coffee shop , which was famous for its coffee . As we sat there, I heard the same song . I quickly turned and saw the little boy . Many people at the coffee shop , liked his singing . I called him. He came up to me and smiled . I asked him how come he was here. He said “ mam , I go around singing “. I enjoy singing and I earn through this . My mother is very sick . She’s not able to work . So till she can , I’m helping her . I felt overwhelmed. But his spirit made me feel very motivated. A small boy could have so much positivity in life. Then what right did I have to complain at all . I just felt a deep hearted gratitude for the life I was given . I wanted to help the boy. I quickly rushed after him. I stopped him , just as he was turning the corner. I placed some money in his hand and smiled. He instantly asked me” why are you giving this to me” I said “ it’s just a gift from me . You sing so beautifully. He said thank you mam. I have been wanting to buy few things for my mother , but I didn’t have enough money . He was so happy “ now I can”. I impulsively stopped him once more, went into the coffee shop. Bought him a whole lot of snacks too. He was very happy. He thanked me and said “  My mother told  me this morning “ Every cloud has a silver lining , today for me you are the silver lining . That sentence had such a deep impact on me . That after 20 odd years , I still recall it so clearly. It’s true Every cloud has a silver lining . You just have to be aware of it.

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