Sunday, June 14, 2020

Depression and suicide

So many uncherished desires washed away in the sea of death . When everything around him looked bleak and dark . The only light at the end stood the silhouette of death . I looked painstakingly at the life behind , I saw no joy , no happiness . Just a deep , hollow feeling of void and emptiness. What do I do with this life ? No desire , No breath , left in me to fight . The battles kept mounting , my armour kept falling apart . In the end Death looked the best . It called me with open arms . Beckoned me from the beyond . I went to it openly . When I turned back there was nothing and no one waiting for me. The biggest cause of depression is the lack of support group . The lack of a human sound box . The lack of an outlet. The sense of deep seated loneliness . Being there for people Is the main requisite in today’s times.

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