Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Simone’s and Miran’s wedding

The excitement was palatable. My friends were so excited . We had late night dinners ,waltz practice . They were doing a special ball room dance sequence. It was fun and excitement all the way . My bridal gown fittings were going on . Appointments galore . Bridal shower , cocktails and dinner , an informal friends night , the wedding and then the reception. Before that was Christmas.  The month just flew . Miran had a special destination for the honeymoon, which I was clueless about . It was going to be a surprise. The dinners began . My friends from out of town , started coming in . Miran and I hardly got a chance to speak . We were both neck deep in work . Planning and arranging the wedding. My gown was breathtakingly beautiful. I just stood in awe looking at it . It was a beautiful intricate lace , with an old Parisian border and an antique hemming pattern . It was a beautiful mix of classic and modern . The dance rehearsal was an everyday affair .  Finally the wedding festivities began . Bridal shower was arranged so beautifully by my friends. We had a wonderful, fun filled evening laced with nostalgia. Cocktails and dinner saw a lot of dancing. I wore a red silk full length straight cut gown with a v neck and full length sleeves .Again a simple but classic design . Finally the day of the wedding dawned . Bright and clear . The entrance was decorated in hues of cream and pink , my favourite combination .  As I was entering the hall , Miran pulled me in the corner and said “ I want to look at my bride first “ . He then made me turn and slipped the most beautiful necklace around my throat . Ruby , diamonds and gold . He said to match with your ring . The ear - rings were beautiful tear  drops .  We entered separately. The ceremony passed in a blur and suddenly I heard “ Now you may kiss the bride “. Miran looked very happy . I think I might have looked nervous. He came close, touched my lips and said “ Relax Sweetheart, we are married, not being thrown into a dungeon . That made me laugh . Some of my colour restored . We hardly got time fo rest . Again we had to be dressed for the reception. I took a power nap  and was being taken to the parlour . I wore a wine coloured silk gown with a beautiful emerald set . One more wedding gift from Miran . I told him “ At this rate , you are going to spoil me in no time “ . He said a woman like you has to be loved all the time . And I got a deep kiss . Which I had to cut short before my make - up was completely ruined . It had been very painstakingly applied . We got ready and headed for the reception. The evening was relaxed . We danced on lovely numbers . By midnight, we were thoroughly exhausted. I reached the suite , changed and fell into his arms into a deep sleep . I was woken up by a kiss . “ Good morning Sleepy Head “ . Can you get ready . We have to leave in a hour . To catch a flight . I jumped from the bed . I said “ but I haven’t packed “ . He gave me a mischievous smile and pointed to the suitcases packed and standing by the door . I said “ but where are we going “ . He winked at me . Surprise !  To be continued ๐Ÿ˜‰

Monday, June 29, 2020

Miran’s Love

After my engagement in the middle of the countryside. I went to his parents house . A beautiful colonial style house, and beautifully decorated. I instantly fell in love with the house . It was exactly done up , the way I always envisaged. They were very warm and kind . We instantly took to each other. Miran never left my side . He kept whispering and asking “ Are you fine” . I hope you are not worried. I smiled and assured him again and again. Finally it was time to head back . I was given a lot of gifts , as I made my way back to the car . It was just like the fairy tale, I always read and would wish for . They say when you intend purely and send it into the universe. It’s always reciprocated. I sent a silent Thank you up . The week flew by . Miran and I we’re inseparable. He was the most attentive and loving being , I ever came across. He never made me feel alone , even when he was not with me . On Friday evening, I got a call from his mother . Inviting me to come over on Sunday for a celebratory dinner. They wanted to introduce me to their close family. Now I was truly nervous. I hardly rested on Saturday. Miran and I were out shopping. Wanting to find the perfect outfit and footwear to go with it. Finally I settled for a salmon pink long dress. Very elegant and chic . I took my own sweet time to dress and apply my make up carefully. Finally we were heading to the estate . There were almost 30 people there . But surprisingly they were all so warm, that in no time , I felt at home. The day passed. It was time for me to head back . Miran asked me in the car” How was it “ . I leaned towards him and kissed him and just said “ Thank you “. I said you make me the happiest woman. He said “ woman , marry me quickly and make me the Happiest man “ . He added with a twinkle. Then after 2 weeks our wedding date was fixed for 26 th December. The destination chosen is.... to be continued 

Saturday, June 27, 2020


Who knew sipping coffee and working on my story , would ultimately lead to my own real life story . I still remember clearly that beautiful morning, where it all began. It was a bright, sunny morning. I was as usual trying to pack a lot in my day , which would be over flowing to the brim and spilling over the following day . Panting and breathing heavily I entered my favourite coffee shop and my part time office . I settled at my favourite coffee table . It was named aptly “ spicy hazelnut “ . They were so attuned to my order , that I’m few minutes , my steaming  cup of hazelnut cappuccino would be resting near my laptop. That particular day I was doubly engrossed. Suddenly when I looked up , I found a mesmerising shade of green looking at my own brown ones . We looked at each other and then I looked away, back to my writers world . After sometime when  I lifted my head and myself to stretch, I found him engrossed in his work . The day came to an end . As I was leaving, I suddenly remembered, I had forgotten my car keys at the table . I turned around to go in and I bumped into him . He steadied me and instantly asked “ Is everything alright “ . I replied in the affirmative. Not exactly in the mood for a conversation. I headed out , lost in my own world . It just fell in a comfortable pattern. One morning I was in  an especially good mood. My script had been approved . My book was underway to be published . I walked  in all bright and gay . As I passed his table, he looked up and smiled , I smiled back . He said “Looks  like you have just got some good news” . Before realising, I settled in the opposite chair . I started sharing my news with him . Then in between we got down to introductions . He introduced himself as Miran . He was a Persian writer . I was half Persian too. Then the next day was a very big event for the poets club . I was being awarded a special prize . I walked in to the event all dressed up . There right in front of me , stood Miran . Looking drop dead handsome. Resplendent in his glory . He came towards me and said “ you are the most beautiful woman in this room tonight, and he added on , maybe in the entire world. I thanked him and felt myself blushing to the roots . It just so happened , we were inseparable. Next day Miran called me and invited me out for dinner . We had dinner and went for a long drive and stopped for desserts and coffee. For the next few days , we would work during the day and go out in the evenings. Sometimes for a movie , drive or just a romantic dinner . Before I could stop myself, I had fallen madly and hopelessly in love with him . But I wasn’t sure, how Miran felt about me . The next day Miran, invited me home for dinner . He said my parents would like to meet you . I was so nervous. He came and picked me up . While we were driving, he said I want to ask you something. I looked at him . He stopped the car , turned towards me and said “Simone  will you marry me please. Don’t say no . I’m madly , hopelessly in love with you.” I was so shocked, I didn’t know what to answer. He took out a beautiful velvet box , opened it and took out the most beautiful ring . It was a beautiful ruby , set in an intricate pattern of  golden roses . Incidentally, Ruby is my favourite stone too. I was overjoyed . So this is how I was proposed in the middle of the countryside... to be continued 

Friday, June 26, 2020


Love ! The most sought after
Yet the most fleeting 
If you are blessed to find the truest
Then you are truly the blessed 
Poets, to kings , to the most common
Have longed and pined for it
Truly he is the richest 
If he has found this treasure 
If it’s pure and yours
Then it just belongs to you
If you have this
You have all the riches of the world 
Many have gone in search of it
But have returned empty handed 
And empty hearted 
O’ Beautiful love ! Why though are you so difficult to be found
From which vision do I behold you
What Heart should be placed 
And gifted to thy 
Where thou do I find you
In earnest you are seeked 
And searched for 
But are gifted to just a few
O’ love your hues 
Are truly known to just a few

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Rooh Ba Rooh

Rooh Ba Rooh
Dekha kitnoan ko
Kya waqhe mein
Maine kissi ko Rooh Ba Rooh Dekha
Agar woh jo maine dekha
Usse Rooh Ba Rooh kaha jaata hai
Toh phir maine apne dil ko
Itna zakhmi kyun Dekha
Kyun Rooh mein utarne se pehle
Har saas kahin dafn ho gayi
Har muskurahat kahin chup si gayi
Har aas ek khawab bana kar rah gayee
Phir Maine Rooh Ba Rooh Kya Dekha
Tu chal pada apni manzil ke Safar pe
Apna dil ka nazrana peshkush liye
Aye Dil E Nadan, Rooh Ba Rooh kuch Dekha
Ek hastee si Awaz , Dil ke gharaiyon se Niklee
Is Duniya E phanni mein
Kuch bhi nahi paya Rooh Ba Rooh

Shireen Haider


Chahat aur Arzoo
Ke darmiyan insan
Kaisa bath sa Gaya hai
Chahatein angeenath
Usko nikhartee Arzooain
Uss beech mein aas
Kabhi kisi ko chah ke
Na paane ki
Kabhi paa ke dobara Kho dena ki
Kabhi arzoo mein zindagi basar Ho jaati  hai
Kabhi chahat ke dar pe khadi
Arzoo be panah aansooaan ka
Nazrana liye khadi rehti hai
Yeh aas mein ki , kabhi  to
Dil ka darwaza khul hi jayega
Magar jis darwaze pe taqdeer
Hi taala laga diya ho
Usse phir kaunsi chabee khole gi
Chahat ki
Aas ki
Dua ki
Ya phir marti huwi Arzoo ki

Shireen Haider

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Every cloud has a silver lining

As she looked out at the vast expanse of sea . She was so glad to have got away for sometime from the hustle bustle of the city. This place always brought a deep calm to her soul. As she walked towards the chateau, it stood majestically tall. It was surrounded by the shore , sands and the foliage. She could hear her friends waving out to her excitedly. She walked towards them, taking her own sweet time. They all sat down for breakfast. It was a lovely spread . They sat lazily talking and discussing the day. They wanted to go out for a short trip towards the outskirts. The archaeologists there , had discovered an old palace ruin. We set out After breakfast. Carrying out paraphernalia with us. The day was also not too sunny . The weather was perfect. We reached it in sometime. It was so exciting. There was a team of archaeologists working there . There was one working a little further down . He looked up and smiled . I smiled back. I was curious to know about this palace . He said it was during the time of the earthquake, when the whole city of Pompei, just disappeared. He said many skeletons were unearthed , where they were found to be doing simple , Day to day things . It was very interesting. He went on to explain the story of this palace . It was very interesting. The day just flew . The archaeologist became a good friend. We invited him to  the chateau for lunch the next day . The next morning I woke up to a beautiful soulful song . I quickly changed and went in search of the singer . A young boy was busy singing. I just stood listening to him. He looked at me and stopped. I urged him to continue. He smiled and said “ Mam it’s enough for today “. He went on . Later on in the day when we had lunch with the archaeologist, I happen to mention about the boy . After lunch we decided to go to a coffee shop , which was famous for its coffee . As we sat there, I heard the same song . I quickly turned and saw the little boy . Many people at the coffee shop , liked his singing . I called him. He came up to me and smiled . I asked him how come he was here. He said “ mam , I go around singing “. I enjoy singing and I earn through this . My mother is very sick . She’s not able to work . So till she can , I’m helping her . I felt overwhelmed. But his spirit made me feel very motivated. A small boy could have so much positivity in life. Then what right did I have to complain at all . I just felt a deep hearted gratitude for the life I was given . I wanted to help the boy. I quickly rushed after him. I stopped him , just as he was turning the corner. I placed some money in his hand and smiled. He instantly asked me” why are you giving this to me” I said “ it’s just a gift from me . You sing so beautifully. He said thank you mam. I have been wanting to buy few things for my mother , but I didn’t have enough money . He was so happy “ now I can”. I impulsively stopped him once more, went into the coffee shop. Bought him a whole lot of snacks too. He was very happy. He thanked me and said “  My mother told  me this morning “ Every cloud has a silver lining , today for me you are the silver lining . That sentence had such a deep impact on me . That after 20 odd years , I still recall it so clearly. It’s true Every cloud has a silver lining . You just have to be aware of it.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Diloan ki Daastaan

Diloan ki Daastan
Kisi ke Dil toote huye
Kissi ke Dil mein tooti huwi aas
Kissi ke Dil dhadkte tooti huwi dhadkan se
Aas toote
Ya khawab toote
Toot ke Sab bikharte hain
Bhikrae huwe aasoan
Tute huwe khawaboan ke sahare
Dil dhadkta hai
Be awaz
Be aas
Aisi hi chalti hai Dil ki daastan
Sab kabhi na kabhi toot Jaata hai
Phir bhi aadmi muskurana Seekh
Leta hai
Tooti huwi cheezoan ke darmiyan

Shireen Haider

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Depression and suicide

So many uncherished desires washed away in the sea of death . When everything around him looked bleak and dark . The only light at the end stood the silhouette of death . I looked painstakingly at the life behind , I saw no joy , no happiness . Just a deep , hollow feeling of void and emptiness. What do I do with this life ? No desire , No breath , left in me to fight . The battles kept mounting , my armour kept falling apart . In the end Death looked the best . It called me with open arms . Beckoned me from the beyond . I went to it openly . When I turned back there was nothing and no one waiting for me. The biggest cause of depression is the lack of support group . The lack of a human sound box . The lack of an outlet. The sense of deep seated loneliness . Being there for people Is the main requisite in today’s times.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Ode to a Rain soaked morning

Ode to a Rain ☔️ soaked morning
The morning washed in its shining glory
Rain kissed
Glistening and Gleaming
The clouds ⛅️ wearing a veil of bluish white
With a trimming of silver
We lazily waking
Loving๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•the weather
With a piping hot breakfast
And an aromatic cup of coffee ☕️
Just dwell in the weather today
Let it wash away the worries
Along with the rain
Look for the silver lining today
Maybe you’ll see your own special rainbow ๐ŸŒˆ
Good morning people. Have a blessed, Rain soaked Day
Let’s just enjoy the day ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜‰
Forget the Rest๐Ÿ˜Š
We owe it to ourselves

Wednesday, June 10, 2020


Today as I heard the gentle , soothing drizzle of the rain . I closed my eyes and was gently listening to    the sounds around me. There was a stillness and calm in me after a long time . I just thanked the Almighty just for the reason to be feeling so contented and satisfied. Just to have witnessed another day , another morning. The sheer joy of being alive . Sometimes it’s just too simple. Just to dwell in the moment . Today when I heard the sounds of nature. I just wanted to thank the Almighty. That’s it . Gratitude for just being able to experience and appreciate everything around me . 

Tuesday, June 9, 2020


The day I made it understood To the universe that I’m important too. I matter . The day I stopped searching for perfection and just looked for real. The universe answered me with the best . I seeked , universe answered . The Day I started loving myself as I loved the world . The universe understood . It  answered me magically . The universe is always listening . You have to ask and intend strongly . I would always hear this but never did it . When I had a lot of quiet moments during the lockdown. I started intending . My thoughts
became my intentions and they were beginning to come true . So never stop wishing and intending strongly . You never know how quickly they get answered. Good morning to all you lovelies out there . Have a blessed day ๐Ÿ˜Šand a good week ahead ๐Ÿ˜

Sunday, June 7, 2020

The heart knows it all

One morning the heart told her “ Go live your day “ . “ Do what  you feel like”
Instantly the brain like a wet blanket spooky it all. Said in his authoritarian tone” Not at all”
“ Go finish all your work first “ “ work comes first “
Quietly the heart winked and said “ Don’t listen to him , he’s a kill joy “
“You are working all the time . Take out sometime for yourself too”
She sat down confused, pondering who should she listen to .
Suddenly she decided to listen to her heart for once . She did exactly what her heart made her do . She followed her heart’s desire throughout the day . When the day ended she realised she hadn’t had so much fun in a long time . She felt alive and happy after a long time . Re- juvenated. That’s when she  realised . Somedays you have to forget everything and just live . As humans we are so conditioned all the time , to put our responsibilities at the forefront. We are so burdened with it all the time , that time and again we forget that we are humans . Live life to the fullest . Take care of your responsibilities. Don’t let the responsibilities dictate your life . If someday you don’t feel like working, just take the day off . If you want to go take a walk or just spend time in nature , do it . You want to go meet a friend, do it . Read a book , watch a movie . Spend some time with yourself. Just do it . You owe yourself that. It’s your life . Live the best way you want to ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Friday, June 5, 2020


Kis ko nahi Pasand Lena Tohfa
Kya tohfa cheez ka ho toh kheemti hai
Anmol toh woh hai
Joh tohfa
Ishq se purooya gaya ho
Tohfa e ahsas mein
Laa jawaab woh hai joh waqt apna
Baghair koi shikwae ke aap ko nazr kar de
Tohfa e Dil ki kheemat Kya hogi
Tohfa e ke Behissab  rang pechano
Tohfa e Dil, Tohfa e mohabbat , Tohfa e Ahsas Aur Tohfa e waqt
Jisne yeh Tohfa e paa liye
Us ne Sab se khubsoorat Tohfa e paa liye
Zindagi aye shireen is Tohfa e ke sahare jee le
Yeh woh hai jo Dil ki aur rooh  ki gehraeeyon mein simt jate hain
Phir is Duniya se Kya Lena
Jab Maine yeh paa liye
De gi aur Iss se  Kya Anmol yeh Duniya ?

Shireen Haider

Working from home- A working woman’s woes

As Sudha sat down to work on her presentation. She heard a loud yell from the Bedroom “ Mom can you give me something to eat” Sudha excused herself and went and told her helper “ Vimla thoda baba ke liye kuch bana do”. She sat down again and barely typed a word . When the doorbell peeled . Her husband Vinay called out” Sudha Just see the door . She got up again. She came back to Sit again. This time it was Vimla from the kitchen “ Didi aata Khatam ho Gaya . She wanted to beat her head against the wall in frustration . She said “ koi baat nahi chawal bana do “. Barely had She sat down again . When Vinay came out overhearing the conversation and said . But Sudha I’m On a diet . I can’t eat rice . I need phulkas . She calmly turned around and said “ well we don’t have a choice now . Since there is no flour , you’ll have to make do with rice “. He sulked ,  grumbling “ she should  have seen to it earlier “   More Organised” Meanwhile Sudha handling the presentation “ Mam can we go ahead with the last bit . Poor Sudha had not heard a word between the catastrophe of aata finishing , running to the door and listening to her husband ‘s glowing praises about her . She asked them to repeat . Suddenly again a scream from the bedroom “ mom there’s a cockroach under the bed” Sudha wanted to scream . She calmly said “ why don’t you ask Dad to help you “ Dad came out grumbling and said “ I’m working “ That’s when Sudha lost it . She asked him” what do you think I’m doing ???  Hatching eggs . Sudha picked up her laptop , her handbag, car keys n door keys and said . See you on Friday evening. They stood stumped .  They asked her “ How will we manage ? what about the food , asked by her loving  husband Vinay . His only concern “ Food” mind you . Once they did not say anything about missing Sudha . Just their needs She catered to . They asked her “where are you going? She said “ To hell” It’s definitely going to be more peaceful there. She told them ,you’ll just need someone to look after you’ll. Fend for yourselves now . I’m giving myself a vacation from home ๐Ÿ˜ŠShe smiled and banged the door in her wake

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

She walks in Gratitude

She walks in Gratitude
She walks herself in inner Beauty
Not the beauty which is visible to the human eye
The rarest of the rare
Filled with undying compassion
Layered with empathy
Harvested with trials and tribulations
Frosted with love
Humanity swirls in her inner layers
Her inner being luminous
Her eyes seek out for something beyond
She touches souls
And hearts
Conquers many a battles with just her smile
Looks up when the trials get a little harder
Prays for mankind
Healer for many
A true friend in distress
And always has a smile for the children
Yes!! She walks in Gratitude
Gratitude for what she is
But to understand her
You have to feel her from your spirit and heart
She goes much beyond what she seems
As she walks in Gratitude

Monday, June 1, 2020


The need of the human is to be social . To be accepted , to be wanted , to feel loved . Man is a social animal . It might sound very cliche. The truth is in the lockdown, this was sorely missed . When we were forced into a literal hibernation. What did all of us miss out the most ? The socialising part . To fulfil this need and to be wanted . Every human wants to be wanted . Feel special . Feel like he’s important. But many a times we are so busy looking for this acceptance from outside. Whereas all along it first has to be within us ? How many times do you speak to yourself lovingly ? like the way you are ? Compliment yourself. Celebrate your achievements. I’m sure I’ll hear a lot of no’s. The day you accept yourself fully and love yourself to the hilt . You will not need any outside validation . You’ll conquer the world . You’ll be the best version of yourself. Confident and real . Good morning people. A beautiful morning.. may you’ll continue having a beautiful day too ๐Ÿ˜Š

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