Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Life reduced to a checklist

Humans are so deeply conditioned . I feel we are constantly in need of manuals , instructions and a checklist with Do’s and Don’t’s . Since the onset of a forced quarantine, I’m Repeatedly coming across a set of checklists :
1) How to be creative
2) How to be productive
3) Self help care tips
4) Numerous ways to better yourself
Why do we need to be told . Why can’t we take this time off and do what our hearts desire . Do we again need time - tables . For once can’t we be free . Live life fully . Do things which are relaxing . It’s a pandemic , Not a productivity test of how good or creative you are going to emerge out of this .
Listen to your heart . Respect your body . If someday your body is asking for a day’s rest , give it . If you want to sleep in , sleep . If you want to give a spa day to yourself, give . Enjoy this time with no agendas. We are always living with a time constraint and a set pattern. Don’t follow patterns, no set rules. Live and breathe freely 

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