Saturday, May 23, 2020


Today some thoughts reasonating within me. As the end is approaching close to 2020 Ramzan . So many tragic things have come up in the previous month .The only thing I could do was thank the Almighty. People have lost their lives during the pandemic, accidents , Terrorist attacks and plane crashes . God saved you .You have been blessed to see another day . Another sunrise and sunset . Your loved ones are safe .Spend time with your loved ones . Please be grateful and thankful.Think about the families going through various tragedies . Losing their loved ones . If he has given you happy moments in the midst of  this chaos . Show your gratitude every second. He has kept you away from disasters and tragedies . It’s a very difficult time and the best you can do is just pray . Pray for people in trouble. Pray for world peace and safety. Be happy in simple pleasures . At this time the happy moments and peace of mind counts . Nothing else truly matters. Stay blessed and stay safe 😊

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