Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Emotional Pandemic

Today the magnitude of what each person is dealing with during the pandemic is huge . From your normalcy severely challenged . Your life thrown out of gear . What do you think each one is coping with. It’s a monumental task . Your emotions are all running helter skelter. You are doing things out of the ordinary. There’s nothing ordinary left . Dealing with different patterns , learning to live with chaos . Man is a social animal and unfortunatelyour social interaction is at a minimal.we are all in front of the computer or gadgets , whether we like it or not . That is going to be the reality for sometime. So your feelings are justified.It’s going to bring out a lot of anger , turmoil, frustration and mood swings . It’s definitely not easy tackling any of those . The best you can do is , let the emotions visit you . Don’t suppress them . Honour them and then deal with it . Suppression leads to more anger and then it has physiological repercussions. Today the pandemic was not enough. Even nature is anxious . You have storms coming in , cyclones, unrest in the ocean . The whole universe is in chaos . So for you to find your peace ,is not going to be easy. The best way to weather a storm is to , dance in the storm . After that you can do the work 😊

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