Friday, May 29, 2020

Creator’s Best creation

Time and again I was questioned
How do you manage to smile during the storm
I said who sent the storm
Is the same one who created me too
But he’s made me stronger than the storm
They said how do you manage to stay calm during the tough times
I smiled , looked up n replied
Because he can’t see me cry
They asked me again, how did you battle the most trying times
I smiled and replied, I was tried to make me better
They asked me again, what about when you felt alone
I smiled and said , I never felt alone
Because he always sent an angel to me
Through my life , angels were sent in various forms to take care of me
They said but what about when he took away your most prized possession
I smiled and replied , he took it
But always replaced me with more compassion, more love , more humility, more strength
They said where do you get so much calm from
I smiled and replied , my story has been created by the best of creators
The best playwrights
And the most loving
Then why will I worry
When everything who’s written is the best and unmatched 😊

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