Sunday, April 19, 2020

Secular fabric of our nation

Time and again I’m deeply saddened to read very hate generating posts. India was a beautiful secular country. That was our USP.  Please don’t tamper with it . Islam is a very scientific and a practical and a peace loving religion .The basic tenet is Humanity . Today in this time of crisis we have been asked by our respective religions heads to do as much charity as possible and do not wait for the holy month Ramzan. Keep doing no questions asked . Doesn’t matter what religion, caste , creed you belong to. They are humans first and foremost. Rest doesn’t matter . Please don’t judge Islam by a few terrorists. Surpass that and understand. If we keep looking for the bad. There will always be something to be found. Look for the good and then you will understand anything better. Every religion says the same. Humanity is preached the same whether it’s in Arabic, Sanskrit or whatever language 😊Good morning people.

Have a safe n blessed day 😊

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