Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Quarantine Essentials

  1. A self care routine devised specially and tailor made according to your requirement
  2. A dose of excessive self love
  3. A home spa
  4. Connecting with friends n family
  5. Do what your heart feels like
  6. The day you don’t feel like , let it go  , one day doesn’t matter
  7. Don’t drive yourself round the bend.
  8. Learn to respect yourself- you matter and you are important.
  9. Endless dose of coffee ☕ N Tea.
  10. Chocolates and ice- creams top essentials 
  11. Take each day as it comes 
  12.  Fit in a fitness regime of your choice- dance, Zumba , yoga . Anything which makes you happy
  13. Don’t worry, stay happy - the top most requisite
  14. Don’t forget your million dollar smile 😊
  15. Stay safe# stay hydrated

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