Saturday, April 18, 2020


The times are hard . But harder than that is to remain serene and calm during these troubled times. The juggling of many roles , specially by women , it’s definitely not an easy task . Keeping emotions in check , balancing the odds. The biggest challenge is the juggling of roles . She’s working and she’s doubly working at home. To strike the perfect balance is an art in itself and commendable . At the end of the day she’s still smiling . Respect them . They are doing a lot . They are officially the chauffeurs, Shoppers , cook , cleaners , friend , confidante and numerous more roles . A woman is multi faceted , true . But everyone has their breaking point . So all you lovelies there , hang in there . Good times are round the corner .if you feel like having a good cry , go ahead. It’s actually healthy . Do whatever it takes to hang on to your sanity. A good laugh πŸ˜† and a good sleep goes a long way in keeping you balanced . And lastly don’t forget your million dollar smile 😊. It’s your most prized possession .This goes out to all the wonderful women out there . Each one of you is special and unique 😊

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