Sunday, April 19, 2020

Leisure during the Lockdown

Don’t kill yourself if you didn’t do much. 
You are not on a straight jacket agenda anymore. 
Humans have a strong urge to fall back to their conditioning time n again. 
It’s okay if you just sat around. 
It’s okay if you planned to clean the entire kitchen and ended up doing just one shelf. 
It’s okay if you didn’t do the laundry. 
It’s okay if you cooked a quick easy meal. Just be proud of yourself. 
You achieved what you felt like. 
Learn to say it’s okay. 
We live in a society which is strongly conditioned to point out mistakes very quickly but the praises and compliments are very slow in coming. 
All you lovelies and beauties you are doing an excellent job. 
Give a pat on your back and say I’m the best. 
Rest don’t matter. Stay safe # stay blessed and don’t forget your smile 😊

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