Monday, April 6, 2020

In the dead silence

In the dead silence of the city
As I ventured out for my essentials
I had never seen the streets so deserted n quiet
In fact at times I turn around n re- check it
Wondering if it’s the same one
But surprisingly all this is not eerie
It’s a beautiful calm
Heartbeats 💗 r not rushed
Life style is slow paced n home based
No deafening silence
But a quiet solitude
No alarms ringing
Children enjoying quality time
No rushing to schools n tuitions
Just quality me- time
Time to pursue your long left hobbies
The almighty had a plan
Nature is blossoming
The animals are proclaiming their once lost habitat again
As I sit penning these lines in the solitude of the open
I hear the peaceful beat of my heart
Assured n peaceful

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