Tuesday, April 14, 2020

God’s own little Painting

I stood out on my terrace one beautiful morning. 
The image in front of me was breathtaking. 
I had not seen such beautiful shades of golden and yellow in my lifetime. 
It was like, this particular morning, he was in mood to paint too. 
The canvas was painted in gentle hues of golden yellow merging into Russet . 
The palm tree stood tall and elegant . 
The sea was a beautiful clear mirror , just imaging the canvas , without Even moving. 
It stood still. 
It didn’t want to take a breath. 
In fear that his one gentle breath would spoil the breath taking image. 
It was the sun who shone the most beautiful. Lending his light perfectly to different parts of the sky . The writer in me stirred. Impatient to pen down . 
As I stand gazing. I got immersed in my writing. The tender beautiful strokes of the brush . Beautifully brush the canvas in a kaleidoscope of colours😊

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