Sunday, April 12, 2020

Cousins and memories

As I face time with my childhood cousins and friends . So many beautiful memories keep resurfacing. Simple joys and little pleasures which had meant so much to each of us . Each of us have held on to all those special memories. Memories of how we used to play . The games improvised and newly devised by us. How we would sneak out to play , when we had a list of chores to be done . The long list given to us by our elders . How we use to cover up for each other . Collect our pocket money and pool in to have a little party by ourselves. We would be waiting impatiently for our vacations , supposedly do as we felt like . In reality, never , because our plans would be strongly vetoed by our elders.Weddings used to be the best time . The fun of dressing up, the yummmy spreads we would be eagerly looking forward to and the after party late nights . Next morning we would be in for long lectures. We would be greeted in the morning by” Look at uyour faces , you’ll were up till late night”.
The following night it would be the same story. Years passed we grew older , more involved in our lives . Today amidst the lockdown as I sit in solitude reminiscing my dear , heartfelt memories. I just thank the almighty for such beautiful memories. Stay safe# stay blessed # Make beautiful memories so that one day when we look back, we’ll have more to treasure

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